Narcolepsy: Not Alone

Once upon a time I read a book called Wide Awake and Dreaming, it was thanks to Sophie Moura, an editor at Marie Claire (now at Glamour) who gave me an article on the author’s story for an example of what my article could be shaped like.

The book, written by then 23-year-old Julie Flygare was a memoir about life and law school while under the spell of hypersomnia and cataplexy.



It resonated with me back when I was just diagnosed with a rare disease. But come my sleep study and latest diagnosis–you could say it hit home–hard.

After a second read through I started looking into what Julie was doing now and was excited to see her site, blog, and a campaign she had started on narcolepsy awareness.

Narcolepsy: Not Alone


Yeah, basically I went super-fan-girl on poor Julie’s Gmail and started rambling about all the ways we might be able to work together. To start I thought I totally needed to get in on her campaign so I rounded up my girlfriends on Tuesday night and started handing out my bathrobes (I had like six of them, is that excessive?)




Narcolepsy: Not Alone!



(But if you’re kind of a jerk and only own one bathrobe…)
Narcolepsy: Alone!



But no worries..Happy wasn’t leaving any of us alone–Narcoleptic or not.




I love the message of the campaign because it’s what the book did for me and what it’s meant to do for others: help you to not feel alone. Whatever your disease, whatever your symptoms–there someone else in the world punching their pillow and sleeping on the bathroom floor thanks to a high dose of Xyrem too!

Join the campaign and share your sign here!