New Video: How to Pack the Ultimate Hospital Kit / Bag

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Whether you’re a new mom or a chronic illness patient this kit / bag covers everything from your basic toiletries to clothes and comfort items for a short or long stay.

Packing List:
-Garnier Nutrise Shampoo
-Head and Shoulders Conditioner
-Shaving Cream/ Razor
-Dry Shampoo
-Pillow Spray
-Essential Oils
– Contact Lenses
-Contact Solution
-Eye Mask
-Ear Plugs
-Hand Warmers
-Lysol Spray
-Lysol Wipes
-Cottonelle Wipes
Facial Wipes
-Alcohol Pads
-Hair Bands
-Hair Ties
-Spairz (underwear)
-Panty Liners
-Neck Pillow
-Heat Pack
-Fuzzy Socks
-Sweat Pants/ Yoga Pants
-Extra Large T-shirts
-Black Tank Tops
-Comfortable Bras
-Phone Chargers/Chargers
-Hospital Bag

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