New Video: Should I Take This New Prescription?

Ever unsure about whether to fill that script your doctor gave you? Here’s how I make educated choices on taking new prescriptions:


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One thought on “New Video: Should I Take This New Prescription?

  1. Ilana,

    I recently discovered your site and I liked a particular number of your posts. I keep a chronic pain blog called “Nip Pain in the Bud & Let Your Soul Blossom”. My blog doesn’t focus on one condition; it is for those who suffer chronic pain no matter what illness or condition they have. My goal is to educate them with the latest information on their pain, to help them become smart patients, and to inspire them to find creative ways to experience life to their fullest ability.

    What I do on my blog is to link to articles or featured posts so they can find things that may help them. I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I linked back to one of your posts (the one above) this week in Tuesday-Newsday #155, and in the future, I plan to do the same with a few more of your posts which I thought my followers would benefit from. Perhaps you’d like to stop by my blog sometime.

    Thanx for your work & I wish you a joyful life despite your illness issues!


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