Nurses Just Lie About Things

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Another night, another ER visit.

Last night we headed over around 5:00pm. Waited in the waiting room for a half an hour before being moved to the very end of the emergency room. Patients were being treated in the hallways 🙁

I just needed one liter of an IV and a Bentyl shot to alleviate the dehydration and stomach cramps. It was such a simple thing.

But because we’re waiting for the port and my veins are shot–four nurses took their “best shot” and promised that “if I don’t see anything, I won’t go for it” and “don’t worry–I’m not a nurse who digs.”

You are all liars.


We wait over two hours just to see the doctor, no pain meds, no hydration. By the time she shows up I am in so much pain I literally burst into tears in the fetal position. She says yes to the shot of Bentyl–which comes just as another nurse is gearing up to try my arm one last time before they go for a vein in my neck. I scream that I want pain meds, that I don’t want to be dug at anymore. But finally give him the go ahead and proceed to get an IV on the front of my wrist right under my palm. So unbelievably painful, I thought I might just pass out right then and there.

Gave mom and R.J a mouthful while they tried to calm me down. Eventually got pain meds, and then more pain meds, and then ativan, and finally a liter of saline down my one, tiny unbroken vein.

Home after midnight.

I was determined not to get admitted because today we went for a spa day at my Nana’s club for my mom’s birthday. I got to lounge in the jacuzzi before getting a massage. My body felt better in those few hours this afternoon than it has in months. So grateful.

Then went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. She wanted Indian. Thought I’d be okay to eat some Naan–which is a very doughy white bread. Unfortunately I way over did it by adding a mango chutney spread to it and basically going at it like I had no previous conditions or like I had been on solid foods for weeks.

Now it’s past 3am and I’m sitting on the floor of my bathroom regretting my life choices.


If I could literally just keep my organs together and intact for the next three days until I get my port….that would be great.




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One thought on “Nurses Just Lie About Things

  1. Val

    So sorry for your experience. If it helps any, the gifs made reading your post cathartic. I have an infusion nurse that digs, too, and never considered this might be a common experience.

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