Nuun For Me, Thanks. Hydration Failure and Unexpected Leaks

I couldn’t even wait for Nuun to send me some sample packs to test out. I ended up at Sports Authority yesterday just buying a couple of packs on my own.

I tried the Fruit Punch and Grape Flavors and didn’t read the label.

I hate to say it, but this was just a bad idea. I didn’t do my research thoroughly enough and I feel like an idiot. Nuun may be low calorie, but it’s also sweetened with sorbitol.

I can’t even chew gum anymore because of that stupid sweetner. It’s like my kryptonite.  I drank a bottle last night and woke up this morning just sick to my stomach from it. I thought to myself, hmm–maybe I can just get used to it and adapt.

Adapt. Hahaha. How cute that I think my body still understands the meaning of that function.

I choked down a bottle during cardiac rehab, but after only 25 minutes on the treadmill I got lightheaded and had to cool down by walking back and forth across the gym. I got it together and managed to do another 20 minutes on the recumbent bike but I still felt sluggish and dehydrated. It actually makes me angry now when I start to get tired. Now that I’ve had such a good fews days I feel really cheated when my body gives out so early in the game.

I drove home and took Happy for a quick walk, then ran to take a shower because I had a lunch meeting across town. I took a couple more sips of my third bottle of Nuun, but the salty/sweet taste was really throwing me off. I took a couple of swigs of Powerade just to make sure I could get through my meeting without vertigo, but as soon as I left I started back on that bottle. The actual taste of the drink was so bad it made me not want to drink, which meant that I wouldn’t crave the hydration, and I would forget about it until my head started to ache.

By the time I took Happy for his second walk of the day I was feeling pretty whoozy.

At this point in my day I started hearing water running. I kept walking around my house looking for the source of the sound, but it wasn’t until I went to get some paper towels out of my downstairs closet that I figured it out. My air conditioner was leaking into a puddle on the floor..soaking into my boxes of holiday decorations, party cups and plates…and two bags of now drenched paper towels. I spent the better part of an hour unpacking and repacking everything into new boxes and into my other closet while on the phone with my landlord and repair guy. I’m actually waiting for him now while I write this. I’ve got half a bucket full of water in there.

Water, water everywhere ….and I poisoned it with sorbital. Moron.




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One thought on “Nuun For Me, Thanks. Hydration Failure and Unexpected Leaks

  1. Siobhan

    Stumbled upon this post accidentally but thought I should comment- you drank wayyyy too much of this for 40min of light activity. I’m a marathoner and I’ll drink ONE bottle in four hours of non-stop running. Regardless of your other health conditions, I think if anyone chugged three bottles of Nuun they might feel unwell. This is user error. Nuum and products like it are generally meant for athletes to use along with water, usually AFTER 45 min of activity.

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