October Business as Usual: Spiders, Pumpkins, Pilots and Co-Pays

Boy is it easy to get lost in the waves.

The past two weeks have been gastroparesis–migraines–joint pain–gastroparesis–migraines.

Antibiotics. Scans and blood tests. Medication.

I realized I wasn’t posting because, frankly, I didn’t think it was that important. No, not important. Just not different.


I think the only thing new/different about this wave is that my concierge doctor had a “heart to heart” (exact words lol) with my gastroenterologist. When they talked about putting me on the antibiotics for colitis he said that he didn’t think the pain was from the infection, but the infection was from the source of the pain. He thinks I might have something LIKE (obviously not as serious as) ischemic bowel (where the blood supply to your gut doesn’t flow, so the tissue starts to…well, you know what happens when tissue doesn’t get blood flow)

Hence the antibiotics and the instructions to go ahead and drown myself in saline. I’m just trying to space out the IV’s enough throughout the day so I don’t get that water-in-my-lungs feeling.

(Which shouldn’t happen unless you literally lay on the floor with the IV going full speed into your chest.)

(Which is not recommended.)

(Unless you’re trying to make a pedicure appointment and finish a bag in fifteen minutes.)

(But even then.)

I had a major insurance fiasco over the past few days. I’m going on three days without one of my stomach meds (it’s probably a bad time to be off any med. at all.) But my insurance rejected it and I was going to have to pay $500 for the bottle. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? The appeal process is going to take weeks with no guarantee it’ll come through.

I didn’t want to be shocked at the counter again so I sat on the phone all of Monday trying to figure out which of my fourteen medications were covered. The outcome: not many.

Fortunately some of them aren’t that expensive without insurance (See Atenolol $2.50) but others (See Methyl-progesterone $180). Of course injectables aren’t covered period. But the important part of that rule is that injections ARE covered if they’re done during a doctor’s appointment. Then instead of paying $200 for a shot, you’re paying $30 for an office co-pay. INGENIOUS, right?

Only took me six hours on the phone, tears and ultimately a migraine to figure that one out. Thanks Blue Cross. Thanks so much.




But here are some more important life events that have happened besides finding a new brand of bland mashed potatoes and needing to return several outfits I bought online for cheaper than the return shipping will be…

I Was a Warrior Spider Killer

Living in Florida, October is a dangerous month. It’s blissful in that we finally get a slight (and I mean minuscule) drop in humidity. But it also means the monster spiders come out. In the park next to my house I frequently look up and see these BAMFs chilling out:


Terrifying right?

Well, this story isn’t about those demons.

It’s about ones about the size of a penny. Maybe smaller.


eWhich is exactly what happened one night on my way home from my mom’s. All of a sudden this spider just came out of nowhere and started crawling up from the bottom of my windshield across the glass towards my face.

I just started screaming. Like alerting all the other non-existing passengers in the vehicle was going to save me.

I had to keep driving. Couldn’t pull over.

I started grabbing for something in my passenger seat that I could defend myself with but there was nothing. My purse was on the floor, just out of reach. The only thing in reach was a pen and a hospital bracelet. So I grabbed the only other thing around me from the cupholder. A full gatorade bottle.


And I just went full gangster on that spider.

I started bashing that bottle against the glass, screaming my warrior scream, missing it several times before finally mashing it against the window. Then I continued screaming as I threw the bottle into the backseat of my car. (Was the spider on it? Was it dead on my dashboard somewhere?)

Anyways, I screamed the whole way home and made R.J fumigate my car with spider spray the next day.

In other October activities I did my pre-Halloween celebrations.


R.J and I did our annual pumpkin picking at a church near our house. We brought Happy along this time and both did our best to try and stop him from peeing on every pumpkin. He put up a good fight.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.01.57 PM

I like how my port matches happy’s tuxedo strip



The only other news I can think of is that I got a request to submit a bio video for a new TV pilot and I finally finished watching all seven seasons of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Great show.