Picket Lines for PICC Lines and Third Times the Charm When it comes to Sinus Surgery

Whelp—Heard back from my doctor yesterday and I’m still trying to digest the news I got. Turns out that this infection is pretty deep-seated nasally, and after literally struggling with it for a year—it’s time to pull out the big guns I guess.

My ENT and infectious disease doctor both agree that I should have SIX WEEKS of IV antibiotics. And the only way that can happen—is with a PICC line. A PICC line is a semi-permanent IV that can stay in your arm for several weeks. Using an ultrasound, an infusion nurse catheters a tube through an artery through arm, over your shoulder and into your heart.  Despite how gruesome that sounds, it’s actually a pretty common procedure, one that many patients who have to get infusions often like I do, have to get.

Except that the only thing I’ve heard from every doctor since I got diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease is “the less IV’s the better” and “open ports are direct invitation to infection.” So despite the fact that when I was in the hospital, this idea was mentioned it I shot it down with such teenage-sounding aggression, that they probably thought the idea of the procedure terrified me—more than the idea of getting a life threatening infection from the actual line.

But the older I get as a patient, the more I look the future of every treatment and medication. And it’s the ones that can cause uncontrollable infections that I know could really but me in danger someday. So I talked to my doctor about it for a while, and the truth is that at this juncture—there are no other options. I have a bad infection. It needs to be treated. We’ve tried treating it with every oral antibiotics and spent seven days on IV antibiotics, and this is just the next logical step.

Somewhere during the course of all this, I’ll also need to have surgery on my sinuses and pray that the bone isn’t affected.

So the whole thing is really giving me the heebie-jeebies, and I think I’m going to put it on the back burner in my brain for this week.

Any advice? I’d love to hear from any readers who’ve had a PICC line before!



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    The Heebe-Geebies always give me The Tutzie-Whatzies.

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