Picture Post: Pizza, Palm Beach Illustrated, and Propel!

It’s been a good week. Aside from a minor wedding-related hysterical breakdown, I’d say it’s been a very good week.

And here is why:

photo 2-4

Pizza. Good lord in heaven. Pizza.

And I ate it.

Three slices of it.

And that was just the first night.

See, it’s a funny thing, gastroparesis. I guess you never really know what sets it off. Not to go into all the gruesome details, but I was basically trying to “reset” my stomach last week and in that effort, I had to hurt my stomach. So I did what I normally do when this situation present itself: I eat a trigger food.

Only every trigger food I tried did jack shit.

  • Popcorn
  • Cheese Doodles
  • Cream Cheese

It was like some kind of alternative reality experiment. And then, after a medication change–my stomach went back to being normal. Except that now I knew that popcorn, ice cream, cheese doodles and cream cheese were no longer actual “trigger foods.”

So I went a little crazy. I had a JB sushi roll. I had pizza (several times.) I’m eating a bag of popcorn. I had cheese doodles. I had a tuna melt–with actual cheese! And I ate an entire case of chocolate chip cookies basically on my own. Chocolate. I see it in my dreams.

I literally had tears in my eyes eating a slice of Cannoli Kitchen’s meat pizza last night. Tears.

Of course, eating that type and amount of food makes you fat. And so after eating my weight in sicilian I begrudgingly went for a walk with R.J, then paid my late fees on my gym membership and was back on the treadmill this morning.

But I was a little disheartened because I had been drinking so much gatorade lately and it the calories were really adding up. Then today I went to go pick up some more at Publix and GUESS WHAT WAS JUST LYING ON THE SHELF:

photo 3-8

Is it like “Ilana Jacqueline” day or something?

Propel actually brought back “Propel Sport Zero” just under a new name! “Propel: The Workout Water.” But you can’t fool me Coke! I know it’s the same formula! (Except now without food dye!) This flavor was only 80mg of sodium, but the berry flavor was a whopping 160mg which was just…thrilling.

Zero calorie hydration. My mind is just blown.

Of course, professionally–this week was pretty great too. My article for The Huffington Post was finally put up and overnight gathered over 8,000 FB likes. (Which hilariously only translated to like 20 extra hits on letsfeelbetter.com.)

But no worries, the site got a little press of its own this week thanks to Palm Beach Illustrated who just sent these over in the mail:


They found me on twitter and did an interview with me about the blog last month. It was pretty cool–and it ended up being an article in this edition!


You can see on newsstands in South Florida now!

And lastly, I’m still moving forward on my quest to get over my fear of flying. Captain Tom Bunn –therapist and founder of SOAR inc. saw my post about the anxiety and offered to send me his book!

photo 4



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One thought on “Picture Post: Pizza, Palm Beach Illustrated, and Propel!

  1. Katie

    Wait, I’m confused. So is your GP in remission or something? This gives me so much hope! Are you not having any GP symptoms? (I’m new to GP – just diagnosed in April – but some days I’m nauseous all the time, even though I’m religious about my diet). And why were you trying to “reset” your stomach? Details, please!

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