Post Op Port Surgery: She Lives


So I’ve had the port surgery. It’s in correctly and works.

The first day was rough, but the next two days were better. Now I think the port is “settling in.” The port was inserted through an incision in my neck and threaded downward. Which makes my neck look a little like I’m always about to start yelling.

And beyond that, Jesus H. Christ do we have a structural problem here.


There needs to be more skin for this thing. It’s pushing so roughly against the surface of my chest it feels like it’s about to rip through. Ow! I feel like someone has glued my neck to my collar bone.

Starting to bring back memories of my first port and the whole debacle that followed. I wasn’t sure what to expect this time since the last surgery was botched and followed immediately by a chest tube and two painful days in the hospital. I also had nerve pain in my breast for the next six months. Yeah, I forgot about that too.

So I’m taking recommendations. Anyone have good post-op port tips?  It’s weird, with the reading I’ve done it seems like 50% of people are in TERRIBLE pain afterwards—and the other half are totally fine with zero pain. Bizarre. Unlucky.





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