POTS is Depressing, but Here Is What I’m Grateful For

Like most entries on this blog…

Thursday and Friday I spent at a walk-in clinic getting saline IV’s. My concierge doctor is on vacation and we didn’t really have a plan for what to do during this week as far as getting an IV. For some reason I thought, “well—I’ll just skip it this week and that’ll be fine.”

But that was a bad idea.

The POTS still surprises me sometimes. I stopped taking Hizentra last week because we didn’t really feel like it was making any difference whatsoever. And guess what? After I stopped it, my sinus infection seemed to start going away on its own. How does that work?

So naturally I thought: no need for Hizentra? Maybe there’s no need for IV therapy. Wrong. So, so wrong. Glad I thought that one through….

The physician at the walk-in clinic used these huge gage needles for the IVs and I had them in for a few hours, so my veins are still aching today. I do feel better though!

Friday was just draining. I had gotten an IV the day before so I didn’t think I would need one again, but I guess my body just hadn’t had enough because I woke up feeling so shaky and dizzy I thought maybe I’d have to go straight to the ER. Instead I went back, got an IV, and Alan and my Mom ran some errands for me to get ready—because, did I mention? I was supposed to be having a party that night.

After I got my fluids I went home and rested, but I had so much on my mind. I felt so uneasy about the whole week. I know my whole family is stressed out, R.J is stressed out, and I just can’t seem to find a way to resolve any of the problems being created by the POTS. My mom and I have been talking for a while about going to the POTS clinic in Dallas for a two-week treatment. I’ve been putting it off because the idea of flying with autonomic dysfunction is about as much of a party as getting a strep test, nasal swab, colonoscopy prep and having someone punch you in the gut at the same time.

But I think I’m at the point where this thing has completely and totally taken over my entire life and maybe that’s worse than a five hour plane ride ever really could be? I’m going to give them a call on Monday and get the ball rolling. It’s just time.

Anyways, we had the party. It was great seeing all my friends again—some even came from out of town for the holidays. Happy met his attention quota for the week and I didn’t have to cook!

Anyways–I don’t want this post to be a real downer.

Here are ten things I’m grateful for:

1. High-sodium American style chinese food

2. Yoga Pants

3. My mom and Alan in general, but in particular for helping me so much yesterday.

4. The fact that R.J lets Happy sleep on his side of the bed.

5. My paint pot MAC concelear letting me be lazy about racoon eyes.

6. Walk-in clinics.

7. The fact that I still have friends to invite to parties.

8. Buttered Popcorn rice cakes

9. Not being sick in the 1917’s in small towns in Russia–which, as illustrated in the new BBC series A Young Doctor’s Notebook, is probably the unluckiest situation ever imaginable.

10. Florida’s mercy in December.



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