Projects Are Happening

I’ve had kind of a whirlwind two weeks.

A few things I wanted to get out:

1. I heard you, all of you. Clearly there’s a HUGE issue with chronic illness patients finding local support. I’m working on developing a project that’s going to fix that problem. For updates on that, check out the new website:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.02.56 PM

2. I’m going into surgery on Monday to have my “potentially” infected port scar examined. It could end up being a huge deal or a really tiny, nothing surgery. If it’s infected it means a major cleanup and I’ll have an open wound again. I’m nauseated at the thought of this. I’m downright panicked. But I think, and hopefully the case will be that it is not infected—it just has a radically upset keloid scar that needs to be removed and re-sewn. This would be a tiny thing—cosmetic really. And the best case scenario.

3. I’m all signed up for this year’s Dysautonomia International Conference. Come and meet me there!

4. I have a giveaway coming up in my next post. CHECK BACK AND WIN THINGS!


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