You know when you’re like so sure something is going to happen?

Like you could feel it in your bones sure?

My bones were wrong.

The good news is that I jumped through a hell of a lot of hoops trying to make shit happen.

And I learned a lot, and for that I’m super grateful.

And so many great opportunities came from it.

Even if the main one I was shooting for didn’t quite …happen.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to cry about it.

I’m going to eat an entire pizza, review my proposal–and start all over again.






  • SiennaS

    MmmMMmmm Pizza
    I truly admire your resolve and humor while dealing with all of this and look forward to when you’re able to share the good news with us – because it’s going to come through eventually. Even if it doesn’t look that way right now.
    We can then all have an e-pizza party to celebrate.
    I say again: MmmMMmmm Pizza