Response to My Everyday Health/AOL Editorial: You’re All My New Best Friends

Not sure what time the article was posted to AOL’s front page–but by 9:35 am I’d already received about ten emails letting me know how my disease could be cured by the following:

  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Vegan Diets
  • Gluten-Free Diets
  • Multiple Multi-Level Marketing Health Products
  • Jesus
  • A Specialized Program Created to Cure ALL Diseases only $199.95

You guys really crack me up. I love you. I do. For real. You kids keep me young.



I also got an inbox full of really kind messages from other patients basically going through the same thing–and thanking me for sharing my story. This gave me a little thrill in a way that I almost never seem to experience when posting a new blog and no one comments for the first nine hours.

I actually didn’t know the article was even on AOL’s front page until like 11:30. I was just like “derp, derp, derp–everyone is so kind today!”

And then someone mentioned it in a comment and I flipped through twelve slides on the first page until I saw MY FACE staring back at me and was like, “Happy, is this happening? Am I tripping on acid or am I on the front page of AOL? Did someone slip some Xyrem into my Powerade? WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?”

Here's the story if you haven't seen it!

Here’s the story if you haven’t seen it!

I spent the rest of the day clapping like a 3-year-old while watching my statistics site’s live features.


You like me, you really like me!


I may have stepped out for an hour or two to go grocery shopping with R.J but as soon as I got back…




This may have been one of the most entertaining days ever.

Thank you to everyone who read the piece and came to the blog. You’re all my close personal friends now and I expect close personal friends to be available for sushi dates and hair braiding at least twice a week.

Aw, whatever. I’m just going to reach out across the screen and give all two-thousand and six-hundred of you a hug so long and awkward you’re going to know exactly what brand of deodorant I wear and precisely how many coats of foundation one girl’s cheek can leave on an unsuspecting new victim friend.




  • Hi! I read your article and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I spent a long time trying to figure out my own health issues (Lyme disease), and it’s true-you do need to be an advocate for your own health. I am so glad you got an answer and are healing others navigate the world of rare and complicated chronic diseases. 🙂

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