Sick, Glamorous and In my Underwear


Do you ever wonder if people look at you and see you the way you see yourself?

After the last few days stuck in a hospital room the size of a broom closet, with no deodorant or hairbrush-god I hope not.

Having an invisible disease, its not always blatantly obvious that you’re feeling like a flu-y, death-like, overly fatigued mannequin hunting for that top-shelf ginger ale that will top off that promethazine to keep you from hurling in the check-out line.

It’s been a long few weeks for me, if you’ve been following along. And while I got real cozy about my colon in my last post, I’m not always one for being all “hey! I’m a professional patient!” in my day-to-day life. But I can be brazen. I can get with the times and the hashtags (#HospitalGlam)!

Because really, who needs personal boundaries?


Not me!

And that was proved in high resolution a few weeks ago as I shot with insanely talented photographer Liz Wigoda for some glamorous promotional photos for my new book, illustrating a day in the life of a patient.

Liz was so amazing on set and helped me feel so much less self-conscious than I was…you know…with my bare butt basically hanging out where I stock up on gatorade. (She also does beautiful baby shots and pregnancy pictures!)



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