Skull Cramping Migraines. That’s What We’re Calling Them Now.

It’s a little past one AM and I am fantasizing about someone jabbing a needle full of Novocain into my jaw. It just hurts so badly and keeps locking up every few minutes. I’ve tried everything in my arsenal to quiet it down from heat to ice to massage, but it’s just aching and throbbing and not letting up.

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This is night two by the way.

I actually started Topomax last night, a new prescription form a new neurologist I’m seeing to try and get the migraines under control. Ironic that the TMJ is acting up just as I’m trying to quiet everything down–or is that a side effect?

I don’t know. I’ve read that Topomax has crap side effects for about a month, but then it works wonders on controlling migraines and seeing as my migraines managed to ram their way past narcotic pain killers this month–I’d say they’re pretty damn well out of control.

I’m pretty miserable, can you tell?

What really bothers me is that it plays out like this:

I’ve been on Desipramene for about four years now (Remeron before that.) That’s a medication that is prescribed for migraines. Okay.

I’ve been on Lopressor for about a year and three months now. That is also a medication that is prescribed for migraines. Okay.

So there are three lines of medications for migraines. I’m already on two of them! And I’m STILL getting migraines.



And it’s not like I’m getting some sissy bullshit headaches here. I’m talking about now (what are nearly non-stop) head-exploding, don’t know whether to puke or cry or pass out, pain radiating through my bones, jaw aching, skull cramping painful migraines.

This is really just one of those “for the record…” posts so I can look back in a three months and either say, “Damn those side effects were a BITCH but I’m so glad I stuck with it,” or “Damn, I can’t believe I waited that long to get an injection of Novocain in my jaw” or “Damn, I thought those skull cramping migraines were bad?….Oh what I fool I was…”

Please don’t let it be that last one. Please.



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One thought on “Skull Cramping Migraines. That’s What We’re Calling Them Now.

  1. Amanda

    I know this probably falls under the “have you tried” crock of crap, but I felt the need to reach out because reading your migraines stories felt like reading my own brain. I know that I hate when people pull the “you should eat/drink/do this” on me, but here I go anyway.
    I’ve been struggling with migraines for about 7 years and have all but classed out of every kind of pain killer as things got progressively and violently worse this year. I went to see all new doctors, felt like I had tried everything and was starting to think I was crazy and/or never going to feel human ever.
    I tried botox but unfortunately didn’t respond as well as you have, it more just took the edge off of things but never stopped anything. Tired of killing my liver with drugs and feeling like I had exhausted the medical options, I decided to go more “natural” and see a chiropractor who specializes in ART chiropractic.
    He suggested these vitamins, that sounded like a BS pyramid scheme, but I figured I might as well give it a shot.
    I have been going to him for 3 months (~2x / week), on the vitamins for 1 month. and I have had TWO migraines in the last month, down from 4ish a week.
    The vitamins are pricy, and I still don’t know if its the vitamins and the chiropractic together or one or the other helping all I know is that I’m not forced to be a hermit anymore.
    LifePak Nano is what they’re called, the price is painful but it is so much better than missing hours of work every. single. week. So maybe they’ll work for you, but thought I’d reach out with what’s helped me and also thanks for putting into words how awful living like this.

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