Small Update: Total Pro

Every day is a countdown to our honeymoon. It’s like a happy little balloon that pops up in the back of my head whenever I feel down. It screams: SNOW! FIREPLACES! TOBOGGANING!



It should be mentioned that I have never actually seen snow, having lived in Florida all my life and only going to NY once during December the one year it did not snow.

But I think the novelty of it will have me jumping in big piles of it and making snow angels for at least twenty minutes before I make R.J carry me back to our cabin because I’m out of energy and numb with frostbite.

Invitations have been selected.Veils have arrived from Aliexpress. IT’S GETTING REAL NOW.

It’s been a really good week for me. Work this month–so far–has been like…I can’t even discuss it. Magical. But really, I can’t discuss it yet. Stop badgering me.

But the most exciting part of this week? My new migraine medication seems to be working! The first few days I still had my regular symptoms but for the last three days I haven’t had a single migraine episode. I didn’t even know anymore just how productive life could be for a person whose brain isn’t cramping.

I’m still taking 3 500ml bags of saline a day at home. I’ve been talking to my regular nurse at the infusion center about how I’m going to handle my port when I go away. She said she’ll teach me how to put in the hubert needle. To be honest, the idea still kind of squicks me out—but I’ll get over the fear factor and figure it out if it means tobogganing.



Wish I had more of an exciting update–I’m waiting for some major things to go through before I get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. I am, however–working on a video to show how I use my port for my treatment. I’m a total pro now. I almost never shoot air bubbles into my veins that I have to pound on my chest to disperse. Total pro.