So I Live Here Now: Back in the Hospital for the Sinus Infection That Never Ends

Believe me, if you’ve had the day I’ve had your face would look just as unflattering.

Last night after Happy had yet another wake up-and-puke-everywhere attack, I thought I could conquer pretty much anything that came my way. After all, I did just leap into action, move my comforter and his dog bed out of the way in grand flurry of motion before he could spew kibble and bits onto any unwashable fabric.

But alas, there are some things I can’t change–as R.J keeps reminding me.

And one of those things–is this dang sinus infection that I just can’t seem to shake for the past few…years.

Ha–has it really been that long already? Guess so.

Back in the hospital today getting some IV-style antibiotics and waiting for an ENT to do a scope and a culture to find out just what kind of bacterial monster can make me feel like someone is continuously smashing a hammer into my cheek bones.

It’s been a heavily depressing past couple of weeks between the migraines, infections and general lack of direction when it comes to the treatment of my POTS.  I’ve been really disappointed about not being able to enact any of the plans I’ve tried to make when it comes to recovering. Things like wanting to go to cardiac rehab 5 days a week just aren’t a reality with the severity of my symptoms and nothing is more frustrating than seeing the opportunity RIGHT THERE in front of you and just not being able to reach out and take advantage of it.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just sitting in quicksand.


Quicksand. Not even once.

Alright crew, I’ll keep you updated on the twists and turns this week is taking. Hopefully I’m out of here and able to swallow normally in the next day or two. How could it get any better than that?

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9 thoughts on “So I Live Here Now: Back in the Hospital for the Sinus Infection That Never Ends

  1. My name is Marion…and I am answering you from facebook…what I can suggest to your problem of Sinus infections..which I had plenty of at your age..with me it also turned into toniselitis, which never was taken out by the by.. I was told in New York, when I first got married, many moons ago, by this little doctor that we lived near, ….is…as soon as you feel yu sinus stuff up…he take a bunch of Q-Tips and rince them in warm water, dropping wet…and one at a time..clean out your nose, go all the way up as fae as you can go..and squeeze the water in the nose this about six or seven times..tilt back your head while doing it, then bend down in the sink. After that buy..Chloroseptic green liquid Spray Gargle..and Garhe well in back of the throat, a few times a day. This worked for me, and I never needed anti-biotics again.. It is a form of allergy,. that causes the sinus problems..that can be looked into by an alergist…Good luck, just try it…hope I helped just a little….Have you checked out you adnoids? This can also promote your son had that, and we had them removed, but he still got the migrain headaches…which is trated now as well. Feel better…Marion Belle Berlin…from facebook

    • admin

      Hi Marion,

      Very interesting! I’ll have to try that!

      Thanks for the info!

  2. amy

    Wow, you sound so much like me. I found the link on the Facebook POTS page. I have POTS, severe miagrains and many many many other issues. I have had a sinus infection for months now, lung infections on and off. Lots of infections, and different illnesses. Doctors here just keep giving me pills, and have no idea on what to do. Because of our health system, they can’t send me out to find out what the cause is. So I end up sleeping lots, and exhausted the rest of the time.

    Good luck in your fight!

    • admin

      Oh Amy, I’m so sorry to hear that. Sinus/lung stuff is not something you can wait on. Stupid health system 🙁 Hope you’re doing better soon!

      • I had no idea that Tagamet could be used to treat viral infections. It is sold over the coetnur for GERD. Although a sinus affliction may have been brought on by virus, doubtful the infection is viral but rather bacterial and would more than likely not respond to an antiviral medication. As a nurse, I would say no. But as a consumer, I would say why not try it have nothing to lose.Can also try a Netty Pot, which rinses the infection out of the sinuses. And do take an antihistamine to help dry out sinuses. I also breathe steam from a pot boiling on the stove. This will help to loosen mucous accumulated in the sinuses.I was told by a doctor many years ago in response to a sinus infection, to take a little salt water, put it in the palm of your hand, and plug one nostril. Use the other nostril to snort up the salt water in the palm, then blow it back out (over the sink). Repeat with other nostril. do this several times, and repeat several times a day. This will also help to rinse nostrils, but not as good as the Netty Pot.Hope you feel better ..

    • Amoxicillin is an antibiotic. It would treat the ear infnctioes and the sinus infection at the same time. If your son got this infection after he stopped the antibiotic, then I would call the doctor again.If they decide not to give you any more medicine. I would get a humidifier and some baby Tylenol. It does stink that we can not buy the baby cold products anymore. I used them with my daughter and my son until they were pulled off the market. I would understand if they were recalled due to an issue with the product, but to recall something because some people might not be bright enough to properly read the directions please. I sort of wish I had stocked up on them.However on the flip side, people survived for years before these products were invented and our kids will adapt and learn to fight off these illnesses. I just hate to see them so uncomfortable.

  3. Mary

    Have they tested to see if it is fungal?

  4. You know, even doctors would roesrt to the natural way of treating patients with infections if they can because doctors themselves would like to prescribe treatments with less or no side effects. What I am concerned is that, infections that are found quite adjacent to the brain are to be given due importance. Infections that are left without proper treatment can become pretty serious as that infection can at anytime worsen. Severe infections in that area may invade the protective structures of the brain and pass through it without you knowing and would just suddenly manifest as such. People with very strong resistance most likely will not have it although there is no 100% assurance. I have seen patients developing meningeal involvement from simple but neglected ear or tooth infections. Antibiotics are definitely required in infections if indicated but if you choose to forego its benefits, then just be cautious with such possiblities because brain involvement can be very severely debilitating to the extent of disabling a person and may even be fatal.

  5. Steven Jarris

    I know that the sinus specialist in Kuna try to fix these problems everyday, but I would imagine it is difficult to beat them.

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