The Balancing Act Premieres Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases!

I’ve got the coolest mom. Hands down.

For the last couple of months she’s been slaving over a new segment she created as a producer for The Balancing Act, the daily morning talk show airing on Lifetime Television weekday mornings at 7:00 AM ET/PT.

The new series is called “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” and its helping to bring awareness to multiple organizations fighting for support.



“The road to diagnosis and treatment for patients with rare and genetic diseases is one with very little navigation. With over 7,000 rare diseases and one in every ten people diagnosed – chances are you know someone, or may even BE someone with a rare disease.

When fewer than 200,000 patients struggle with a disease– who serves to educate, empower, and lead the sick to the right doctors, the right medications and the fastest road to relief?

Behind the Mystery of: Rare and Genetic Diseases is a series produced with the intention of introducing and uniting patient, physician, and scientist with research, education and opportunity to revolutionize the way our health care system works for the Rare and Genetic Minority.

By partnering with The Global Genes Project, The Balancing Act is able to provide available support to patients diagnosed with rare and genetic diseases, and to give hope with news of clinical trials and new treatments. Together, we can begin a new wave of advocacy and support for the rare community.

The Balancing Act supports and celebrates patient advocacy groups and industry leaders, who inspire connect and guide patients as they move forward through their journey towards treatments and a cure”


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And then say thanks to my awesome mom and her co-producer Molly Mager for creating this segment!