The Four Things I Want to Remember Today

It wasn’t the greatest day.


But here’s what I kept in mind during it:

1. I’m not afraid of that anymore.

Two infiltrated IV’s and plenty of painful needle pricks and I was tired, but still kicking. This treatment may not always be pleasant–but it’s eased a lot of my anxiety as a patient. A few years ago I used to dread getting allergy shots. The sensation of getting jabbed had my heart fluttering every time I walked into the office. These days I’m so used to getting my saline that I don’t think about it. So I don’t stress about it. And I know if I didn’t have the fortunate access to weekly IV’s (Which many POTS patients don’t) I might still have a fear of needles.

2. I may not have a million readers, but somebody loves me like I do


Happy is my whole heart, or at least that’s what it feels like when he puts his head in my lap and falls asleep. Today after my long IV session and then sitting in traffic for an hour on my way home–I was pretty miserable. But then I opened my door to the world’s happiest poodle. It takes a solid five minutes for him to stop whimpering and wagging his tail so hard it’s just a blur. Nothing like a little puppy love.

3. I’m right where I’m supposed to be


Being a freelancer can wreck havoc on your plans. Trying to piece together a career when you’re bouncing from one publication to another can be messy and leave you feeling unsettled about your path. Working at Global Genes has really given me a sense of center with my work. I love what I do at this organization and I feel like I’m making a difference every day. ┬áThe only way to do great work….

4. Moms make the difference.


It’s no secret that I grew up with out of a lot of support from our extended family. Even today most of my relatives alternately ignore my disease or openly let me know that they think I’m crazy/ a victim of Munchhausen/ out for attention/ can be cured by Tylenol. And hey, that sucks. And to say it doesn’t get to me would be a lie–but somebody has lived through the whole journey with me from day one and as long as she “gets it” its more than enough.