The Haters Can Wait, I’m Famous and Sleepy

Just as the Cosmo article was published, I was in the middle of working on a post called “Haters to the Left” which I do intend to put up, but not just now. How could I put up a negative post about one person when the response from my piece was so overwhelmingly positive and supportive? The piece so far has over 1,000 shares on Facebook and so many nice comments. I’m really glad people could relate and it was cool to see other POTS and PIDD patients coming out of the woodwork to chime in!

I'd like to thank the academy and my dog for interrupting me 48 times while trying to write that damn piece!

I’d like to thank the academy and my dog for interrupting me 48 times while trying to write that damn piece!


I’m so excited that people are reaching out and spreading awareness and you’re all gonna be so underwhelmed when you hear that my next piece is on cheap haircuts!

I also know I said I’d update about my whole randomly-falling-asleep-during-the-day thing. I had to get off the low-dose naltroxen last week. The low-dose was fine, but when we doubled the dose to see if it would clear up more of my brain fog–it just made it worse. (OR maybe it just was worse, and the LDN wasn’t making a difference.) Either way I felt like I was trying to write through a cloud of spiderwebs which kind of sucks when you’re writing long editorials all day.

Yesterday I went in to get my IV and we decided it was time for me to try the Adderall. I was a little nervous but also kind of excited. Just the idea that I could try something to give me a little more energy every day was encouraging.  But when I took the pill at around noon I was already fighting to stay awake and ended up sleeping four hours in the middle of the day! That’s even worse than usual. I woke up still feeling drowsy and slept through the whole night. I can’t really make sense of it. How does one sleep through an Adderall? Isn’t that supposed to make me feel like I drank a double-shot latte rimmed with crack?

I’ve also had some nasty joint pain since last night so I’m leaving in an hour to visit my chiropractor to see if I can avoid taking an 800mg ibuprofen with my already profuse cocktail of pills for the day.

But aside from that I’ m rocking it at work, have had like 40000 ideas for the Global Genes Project that I think I’ve been spamming the entire team’s inbox and have been bouncing around from couch-to-chair-to-couch for the last hour because I just got the final word that I’ll be interviewing one of my fav MTV stars sometime this month.

I also just got our first “Congratulations on your engagement” cards in the mail, so I’m liable to start hysterical happy-crying any minute now.

Don’t bring me home any sugar cookies–I don’t think my heart can take the excitement.




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One thought on “The Haters Can Wait, I’m Famous and Sleepy

  1. Lizz B.

    I have ADHD, and have for my entire life (when I was diagnosed at age 14 it only took the doc five minutes, that’s how bad it is). I took Adderall during high school. I’d developed coping mechanisms, but the increased homework load was making them less effective. Anyway, Adderall makes me focus really well, but it also makes me more mellow and kind of sleepy. So, maybe you have some minor attention hyperactivity thing so it’s just having the effect that it has on some ADHD patients?

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