The Wedding: Coming Soon

Tomorrow (Saturday) night is the day I’ve long been waiting for: my wedding!

The preparation for this wedding has highlighted all of the blessings in my life.

My sister flew in from across the country to host my bachelorette party–and the time and effort (and stress!) she put into the celebration brought me to tears. Then to have all my girlfriends (besides one who totally did the right thing by telling me she was sick and maybe contagious and couldn’t make it) come together and celebrate the day with me…To have real friends is just not something I could ever take for granted anymore. I’ve been in places without friends and it makes all the difference to be here now.


Group shot of the girls at my stag night!

Our families have also come together with incredible support for us during the whole wedding season. They put on dinners and showered us with gifts, took up responsibilities to make sure every detail of this wedding was off our shoulders.

My mom hired a wedding plan so that I could just focus on me–and keeping myself healthy for the day of. And I’m excited to say ┬áthat I am not spazzing out, am pretty calm, and more than nervous or panicked–I’m just excited about the big day.

I have so much I want to share here–I’ve been collecting pictures and notes from the very beginning of the planning process so I’ll probably do a series of posts on some of the details like building the dress, finding the venue, choosing all the little details and then plentiful picture posts.

Those should all come around the holidays, before the honeymoon in January.

Just wanted to say a quick and genuine “thank you” to all who have supported me so far–and who will join me on the next great adventure in life :) More to come.

See you soon....

See you soon….

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One thought on “The Wedding: Coming Soon

  1. It is so much fun to watch it all come together on the day!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! :-D
    (Since I’m commenting at 10pm Mountain on Saturday, I’m assuming you are now married, so woohoo!!!)

    Can’t wait to see your wedding posts!

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