This Is What Chronic Illness Looks Like: In Case You Needed A Reference

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.04.01 PM

It’s been blogged about 9,010 times.

“But you don’t look sick.”

Of course not. I look fabulous. Always. A total glamazon–even coming out of the operating room. Just ask my mom and take a look at this glamour shot she took of me in the recovery room for one of my sinus surgeries (and…alright…I had a little shape touch-up too. Calm down, Bambi. A little cartilage rearranging never killed anyone.)

photo (1)

And on other days I’m just too fabulous to grace this planet.


I try to play it cool, but the sexy just shines through.

Photo on 11-25-14 at 9.17 AM

I call this one “Kardashian In a Leather Recliner–Private Jet?”


This is right before I shot straight up and scattered glitter throughout the air.

Photo on 3-17-14 at 5.33 PM #2

This is right before I was about to film that beauty tutorial on achieving full, lustrous hair and how-to use home-made tanning products.


Only the most chic accessory monitors for the season will be seen on this model.

photo 1 copy

And don’t say us beautiful people aren’t charitable! I can’t help but give back.

Maybe this isn’t the stunning, perfection of a woman you see on most days.

Maybe you’ve seen a bit of her:

dress1 IMG_20130227_105735 37941_438647331646_7855428_n 522121_10152654104066647_2704272919319428122_n-2

But if you squint real hard, you’ll see that they’re both actually the same person. Chronic Illness isn’t always representative of the selfie we just posted to Instagram or the half an hour finding the perfect dress in the changing room before ultimately collapsing on a bench outside the store.

Living with a chronic disease is a combination of both of these worlds–the good, the bad, and the–well—let’s be honest here and agree that even with a snot and blood guard under my nostrils I’m still shimmying my way out of the “ugly” checkbox.