Victories in Customer Service–Thank You Pepsico, Propel! I’m Getting My Drinks!

Beyonce feels me.

Beyonce feels me.

Between PR exec Justine Sacco destroying her career in 140 characters and Samsung putting out what is hands down the worst ad spot of the year-– I was drawing a serious blank for how the marketing world was going to get back on its feet again.

Well–starting with small victories we can give a round of applause for the makers of Propel!

With not a second to spare Pepsico (Gatorade HQ actually) gave me a call this morning after seeing my blog and came to the rescue! They’re sending me out some leftover Propel Zero Sport! They also said they might have an alternative called Gator Light that might be a good fit for my problem.

Three cheers for excellent customer service and brand managers who are on top of it all–even with Christmas right around the corner!

How does it get any better than that?