Wedding Venues and Waffles

Summer in Florida is a whole new animal when it comes to dealing with POTS.┬áMy gatorade intake has about doubled. I think I’m a little more aware of how the heat affects my symptoms this year, and so I’m feeling a little more prepared to deal with it. I’ve also decided this week that I’m going to start looking up some specialists about trying to get a better prognosis as far as my long-term health goes–and maybe see if there are some things I can do now to prevent me from getting worse. I know that sounds kind of nebulous, but I’ll share the details when I get a little further into the investigation.

I’ve had a great weekend that started with my new favorite thing in the world. I love it more than goat cheese. I love it more than asiago bagels…

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.14.31 PM


Waffles. Waffles. Waffles. Waffles. Take my money. Take my kingdom. Waffles.

Spent Saturday morning with my mom getting the waffles in question, and then we went for a foot massage. They’re kind of blowing up here in Boca. These new trendy reflexology spas are everywhere. For $35 you can get an hour long massage/foot rub–and it is literally the best thing ever. And combined with Waffles? Forget it. I’m a happy girl.

My day only got better when R.J and I left for our 1:00 appointment at a wedding venue that I’ve been dying to check out. It is the most gorgeous estate with several ballrooms and a courtyard with 100 year old banyon trees. There is nothing else like it in Boca. And they totally had their shit together.

Not to like…bash on the previous venues we’ve looked at. But some of them were basically still printing out the brochures, didn’t have full menus, couldn’t answer all our questions, etc, etc.

But this place was a well-oiled machine. So much so that they had a full office just for weddings that was bustling with energy and multiple brides and wedding planners. They started by showing us a slideshow of the different ceremony and reception areas and how they’d been staged for other weddings before us. Gorgeous stuff–but it was time to get serious.

Next they whipped out the menus.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.14.40 PM


I’m either a really bad photographer or a really good one at capturing weird facial expressions. This expression really means nothing, because looking at those menus was the most excited I’ve seen R.J since I mentioned the idea of Happy being our ring bearer. (bear.)

After that, we took a tour around the entire estate.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.14.50 PM

These are the banyon trees we’d be getting married in-between. They’re enormous and shade the entire courtyard.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.14.58 PM


This is a balcony off the bridal suite overlooking the ceremony space. It was …legit.

I was so hyped from having loved the venue that I felt like I could still go out and do more. So to recap that day so far had been:

  • Drive to Delray
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get a foot massage
  • Come home
  • Drive to wedding venue
  • Take tour of venue

And then we

  • Did some quick grocery shopping

Before I went out for two hours and:

  • Bargain hunted in Marshall’s, Styles for Less, and T.J. Maxx

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.15.11 PM

This was me taking a gatorade break in a dressing room before trying on about twenty outfits.

And what did I buy after all that shopping? Absolutely Jack shit. Not my luckiest shopping trip.

I then went home and fell into a sleep so deep that when I woke up at 7:00 (PM) I momentarily thought it was the morning and R.J had already left for work/never came to bed. But he was downstairs playing DOTA because he was waiting for me to wake up so we could figure out dinner.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.11.32 PM

Bear also needed a nap after witnessing such an exciting day.

This morning R.J and I grabbed a quick breakfast before feeling superior in our not white-trashiest outfits as we shopped at Walmart. I bought sandals, a floor fan for our patio, scissors, and I don’t know–some other things that ended up costing me $84.57 without realizing it until I was halfway down the parking lot.

Sorry, this isn’t the most exciting post–unless you like pictures of trees and poodles. But come on, who doesn’t love pictures of trees and poodles?

(and Waffles?)



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