Well, I’m a Genius.

I feel like a genius today. Not only did I realize that I could use my old car’s cassette auxilary cable to connect my kitchen radio to my phone—


And you thought this kind of technology was dead.


—but I also found the solution for my hydrating-without-gaining-weight dilemma! Mio Energy! Originally I’d looked at all the Mios and was like…well, this is pointless it may have zero calories but it also has zero sodium. But then, I’m digging through clearance at Target and low and behold–75 mg of sodium–zero calories–AND NO SORBITOL!!! Wahoo!


Please excuse my enthusiasm. I had a great birthday weekend (which this post would normally be all about, except that I wanted to inclue pictures which are on a USB at my parent’s house.)  I also had a great morning at Cardiac Rehab. I was a little bummed because last week I had to skip Wednesday and Friday’s workouts due to joint pain (and by “joint pain” I mean the having difficulty walking from bed to closet kind).

I also found a solution for this joint pain which I actually think is helping. Fish oil. I read online somewhere that it helps with arthritus, so I went to Whole Foods on Friday and picked some up for about $12.95. Which I like to think of as a lot cheaper than prescription pain pills and far less likely to have me crashing my  car into a strip mall.

So with my fishy capsules in tow, I was back in rehab this morning and speed-walking on the treadmill at three miles an hour. Despite the fact that I have never seriously worked out in my life, I still feel kind of “eh” about my speed. I know this is a gradual process and that upping the speed when the nurses aren’t looking is less likely to make me lose weight and more likely to have me breaking my knees–but I seriously felt GROSS after not working out over this weekend what with the garlic rolls…and pasta…and cesar salad…and candy…and cake..and chinese food…and more cake…and…

You get my point.

They also started me on weight lifting this morning which was pretty cool. Turns out two-pound weights are a lot heavier than you’d think when held over your head for twenty minutes. I also started lifting at 45 lbs with my legs. My nurse said this was fairly impressive for someone with POTS and I’m like–must be all that serious dog walking/strength training I’ve been putting in over the last few months. Hardcore poodle potty sweat sessions going on in my neighborhood.

I almost wish I could go back tomorrow morning (almost) but I do have my weekly IV session in the morning and then lots of work to do in the afternoon. But I’ll be back on Wednesday. Remind me of that when I bitch about how sore I am tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow–that post will be #92. Counting down to post #100!