Where Will You Be When You Get The News? I Was At The Doctor. Duh.

My migraine warrior ensamble.

My migraine warrior ensemble.

I’ve been existing mostly on tweets and quick vlogs lately. I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a good “update on my world” post. It’s been kind of a struggle the last few weeks to keep that big, giant, juicy book deal secret but now that I can finally talk about it I’m so excited!

I was pitching the proposal for the book for a little more than a year before I found the right home for it. The proposal itself ended up being almost over 100 pages. It changed a lot throughout the pitching process–especially after getting some great advice from two literary agents who took the time to send me some major feedback. Did you know that literary agents don’t get paid for that, by the way? MAY THE UNIVERSE REWARD SUCH KINDNESS.

Then one night I found myself wandering around Barnes and Nobles and came across a book “But You Don’t LOOK Sick!” in the medical/health section. I knew immediately that whoever had published this book was the kind of publisher I was looking for. The book was sleek but well put together. The cover caught my eye and when I went home to do some background research on the publishing company I was sold. Of course, it wasn’t me who had to be sold, it was them.

So I sent in my proposal and crossed my fingers. Not long after that I got a response from Julia, my now-editor. We worked back and forth on the concept before she felt like it was right–and then she emailed me to let me know she was presenting the proposal to her team. And then came the hardest few days of my life. I was SO close, if the proposal got rejected I would be devastated. I knew I’d get a response on a Thursday afternoon, and because I’d had (what I thought at the time were) terrible sinus headaches–I was sitting in the crowded waiting room of my ENT’s office when the email arrived. Just reading the pop-up summary on my phone made me let out a loud and embarrassing squeal.


With tear-filled, blurry eyes I read through the email that let me know they were taking me on–and then…the reception on my cell completely disappeared.


Oh my god. I looked around to the old man next to me and from the mother and son across from me. Would it be completely inappropriate to burst out screaming, “I GOT A BOOK DEAL–MY VERY FIRST BOOK DEAL!?” to a room full of complete strangers?

Yes, I decided with a heaviness in my heart. That would be inappropriate.


So I waited an agonizing forty-five more minutes until I was out of my appointment and the scopes were out of the back of my nose before running out of the building and calling everyone I ever knew in my whole life.

Even with a pounding (and since then ever-present) migraine, it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

What are we thinking as far as book covers? Any ideas?

What are we thinking as far as book covers? Any ideas?

I hope the book rings as true as my life is right now as I’m writing it. I’m in a migraine spiral and have been since page one. I feel confident that if I can get through writing my first book by deadline while pinned under the throws of skull-cramping migraines–then maybe, just maybe, I’m qualified enough to actually be writing a book on outsmarting your chronic illness!

I want this book to represent the story of the entire chronic illness community–so I’m planning on requesting a lot of personal stories and insight from friends and other members of all of the support groups (on and offline) that I’m a part of.

If you haven’t seen –these are the two latest vlogs I’ve done:

In other news, I had a serious momentary quarter life crisis while attending my first ever baby shower. It’s still kind of blowing my mind that my friends are having babies and I’m still over here like “my poodle is all I can handle.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.46.18 PM

But I did get to make a cute “Bear” onesie! And for a second I was like–aw! I want a baby for this cute onesie! Then I was like…nope, I think I still just want the poodle.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.54.12 PM


But, like, could you even blame me?