You Have a Vodka at the DMV and I’ll Take a Nap

It doesn’t matter if I’m on the couch doing a conference call or running errands or cleaning the house—if it’s 3:30 I’m sitting down wherever I am and I’m falling asleep.

It’s like a very predictable narcolepsy.

Which is actually great, considering that since my diagnosis I’ve been so fatigued I would sometimes sleep 18 hours a day and still feel groggy. Now I can go to the gym in the morning, and out with my sister in the afternoon, invoice my  clients on schedule–and then pass out for two or three hours before getting up and going out again.

It’s been a hectic past couple of days. My sister is in town and we’re having a dramatic crisis over our cars. See, since I got in my accident in November I’ve been driving my sister’s old car while she’s been traveling. We decided that my sister would get my mom’s old car since my mom was getting a new one. Sounds great, right? It worked out perfectly–everyone got the new car that they needed. And I didn’t even have any hard feelings about getting the old Solara while my sister got a practically new Nissan–why? Because I literally drive a maximum of five miles a day while she drags her band around the whole country. It just makes more sense.

So right, the plan sounded like a solid one.

Except for pretty much everything in the paperwork.

See my sister is traveling, so technically she has no residence, but she intends to move to another state outside of Florida. So she wanted the car registered there. Sure, okay. Except that she’s IN Florida and legally needs to register it here–but FL car insurance is outrageously expensive and the state that she’s headed to is much cheaper. Except she had all the wrong paperwork, and my mom accidently locked the paperwork for my car in her office before she left on a week long trip to California–and the plates for my car? They were at an autoshop in Hollywood and I won’t even be able to get them until Wednesday.

For me: I could basically give a crap. I’m driving my sister’s old car right now still, and as soon as I get my plates I can put them on hers or my mom’s old one if needed. For my sister it’s a bit more miserable. She’s been on the phone with two different state DMV’s for the last three days trying to figure it out and it’s just a mess….

So I may actually end up getting the Nissan. Which, to all of us, seems like a major waste considering how little I actually drive. Looks like R.J and I should start planning a roadtrip to put that car to good use!

…while my sister has to squish her entire band, their instruments and all her worldly possessions in her old car. 🙁


I also had a bit of a debacle with the pharmacy over the weekend. My doctor ordered some vials of Hylenex that we were going to test out. I found this drug a while back and thought it might just be the solution for my dehydration issues. Its supposed to permeate soft tissue to allow for better absorption of fluids. Meaning that I could try doing Sub-Q fluids after the shot and I might have a better chance of absobing it.


So I called my insurance company and they told me I could pick it up from any old pharamacy. Okay. Great. Had my doctor call it into a Target, but when I went to pick it up my insurance hadn’t covered it. Then the insurance said that the doctor needed to order it–but wait, my doctor isn’t on the insurance? Guess he won’t get reimbursed for it then…


Back to the office this morning to get an IV and we talked about it. He’d done some more research and wasn’t too enthused about the idea of putting me on it anymore. It might work, but it also might seriously screw up my skin. I’m prone to kelloid scarring (raised scars) so  any medication that messes with the permability of my skin might really wreck it.

So we’re putting that on the backburner.


However we did try something new this morning! Instead of using a regular butterfly needle, we used one with plastic tubing. We got blood everywhere, but eventually we got it in and it worked like a charm. I got half the bag in my arm in like ten minutes. It was incredible, I’ve never seen it go so fast! We slowed it down after that just in case I popped the vein, but it was still pretty amazing!

After sitting with a cold IV for (almost less than an hour!) I went to pick up Happy from my mom’s house and got to frolic with him in the backyard for a few minutes:

Now I’m back to work and trying to reschedule my cardiac rehab appt for early tomorrow morning since I have a new client meeting at my usual time…I’m actually thinking of joining R.J’s gym near the house. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just be able to work in work outs in my own time…

And for another sprinkling of hope–have you all checked out the latest testimonial video from the POTS Treatment Center? Don’t forget to ask me your questions for the staff in the entry below!




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One thought on “You Have a Vodka at the DMV and I’ll Take a Nap

  1. Allison Wallis

    Hi! I just read your article in Cosmo (go you!) and I’m basically a 32 year old version of you. (My sympathies.) I’ve just started reading your archives, but I noticed you have a super hard time like I do with really shitty veins. I was receiving hydration twice a week at one point and after a million blown veins and blown IV’s and with the risk of infection of bad stuff like MSRA with every stick, I finally decided to have a Hickman port put in. It’s literally been a life saver. Every ER I’ve been to has the needles for it, and they can also take blood for testing as well as hydrate thru it. And it’s ONE STICK. I’ve had it for nearly three years and every single time I go for hydration I’m grateful for it. Not being stuck repeatedly helps out my stress and anxiety levels, and it also comes in handy when someone is being an asshole and say’s “But you don’t look sick!”. All I’ve gotta do is pull down the neckline of my blouse (it’s in the top part of my left boob) and show them the quarter-sized medical device implanted in me. 🙂 Anyway, just thought I’d throw it out there.

    I was also wondering about your experience with Conceirage (I can’t spell, too brain foggy) Care- I’ve literally run out of options living here on Oahu, and my doctor believes “There is a healthy body under your POTS syndrome”. Which means she’s not looking any further into what’s causing the POTS. I’m thinking EDS or something similar, but I can’t get her to test for it. I’d read an article or two about Concierage, but wasn’t sure if it was prohibitively expensive.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’re being inundated by emails right now, so I just wanted to say thank you. May your spoons be many and your blown veins be few.

    Allison Wallis

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