Your Worst Symptoms: Secrets for Beating Your Five Worst Symptoms– FAST!


Can’t stop dry heaving? Is something just not sitting right? Since nausea is my worst and most ever-present symptom I have TONS of tricks on how to quell the feeling.

+ Drinks for Nausea: Ginger ale (ginger helps abate nausea), coke (coke syrup is an old remedy for nausea—coke on ice works best in slow sips), Hot Tea (helps when you’ve eaten too much, because it works to compress the food in your stomach),  sports drinks (are only good when you have a headache associated with nausea.)

+Food/Things to Chew On for Nausea: Altoids (swear by these, peppermint is a great remedy for nausea), ginger (candied works well for morning sickness, fresh works best for having eaten too much) white bread (can help if your nausea comes from an empty stomach) licking salt (can help when you’re straight up unable to stop gagging and can’t even put anything else in your mouth.)

+ Other: Sniffing essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus can distract you from nausea. Sometimes a change in temperature (taking a bath, shower or running your hands and arms under hot water) can assist in conquering nausea (if the nausea is from excitement or panic.)

May we all look so glamorous as we dry heave.

May we all look so glamorous as we dry heave.


Not enough time to sleep off your fatigue? Feeling foggy or out of it but have plans? Here are some helpful hints:

A hot—then cold shower can be great for waking up gently. I also find that a cool compress or ice pack on your eyes can help you to snap out of it. Drinking cold water (or Spark, if you have it!) can help. If you can’t drink coffee , a cold glass of coke can help wake both you and your stomach up gently.

Preventatively, exercise and getting enough sleep at night will help you avoid those unfortunate sudden losses of energy.  (but, like, why would you be googling “how to treat nausea preventatively?”


Headaches and Migraines

I find that the best thing to do with a migraine is to treat it as early as possible. I know that if I take 800mg of ibuprofen when a migraine starts—it’ll work much better than taking a narcotic pain killer later. Drinking something salty like Gatorade, Powerade, Propel Sport, or Oral IV can help replace lost electrolytes that can cause headaches.

My mom once told me that if you put an ice pack on your neck and a then run your feet under hot water it helps circulate your blood and calm migraines. Sometimes this works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.

Whatever I have to do, whether its drinking, taking a pain killer, or stretching/massaging my neck—I follow it up with as much sleep as I can possibly get before going out again.


Also, dark rooms--forever.

Also, dark rooms–forever.

Joint Pain

I get my worst joint pain in the mornings and after a lot of trial and error—I finally figured out the best treatment for it—and let me preface this by saying you don’t want to hear it. You really don’t. You’re going to hate me for even mentioning it. But the best thing I’ve found to work for my joint pain is very light exercise.

No, I’m not saying you need to jog three miles in the morning, or lift weights or even do a spin class. I’m talking about walking on the treadmill—thirty minutes, level 3, with lots of stretching before you get going. For me—that’s all I need to break through the pain. Maybe this won’t work for everyone—and I  know that when I tried doing some more hardcore exercise or even the elliptical it killed my knees.

A low dose of ibuprofen and fish oil also helps me.

If I can afford it that month, a massage can help—and when I was younger drinking a glass of milk used to do wonders for any kind of joint pain or muscle cramps.

Don't overdo it now.

Don’t overdo it now.

Brain fog

Nothing makes me more nervous than heading out to a meeting when I can’t string together more than four words.  I mean who wants to take business advice from a girl who can’t remember the phrase “crowd sourcing?” Unfortunately, there are too many times where my brain is back at home, under the covers.

When this happens, I refer back to my lessons in media training. The first rule of which is practice, practice, practice. Before I go into any meeting I review my carefully kept client notes. What did we discuss last time? What have I learned about their business? What were their previous concerns? And then I start thinking of what kind of things they’ll need during this meeting.

The same kind of effort can be applied to any situation with brain fog. Stop. Think in a quiet area and try to prepare yourself with what you remember, what you think you’ll need to know, etc. Say for instance you’re going to a restaurant. Prepare for an awkward pause at the table by preemptively analyzing the menu at home online. Haven’t seen a friend in a long time and going out for coffee? Check their Facebook profile to see what they’ve been up to. I also keep a google calendar to remind me of what I did (and supposed to be doing) this time last week or last month.

They’re simple things, maybe obvious thing to most people—but hey, when you have brain fog going on, things that should be staring you in the face are on a trip to Disneyworld.

I have no least none that I can remember right now.

I have no words…at least none that I can remember right now.

What are your best tips for nausea, fatigue, brain fog, migraines, and joint pain?