2017 Chronic Illness Gift Guide

Welcome to the Let’s Feel Better 2017 Chronic Illness Gift Guide Post!

I’m Ilana. I have a chronic illness and an incurable Amazon addiction! All of these items are vetted by me after buying them to deal with my own disease. I wanted to keep all of the items affordable and something that I’d have appreciated receiving myself. Hope you enjoy!

The Headache Hat

I did a full review of this product a couple of months back. It’s a great gift for anyone with migraines, fevers, or chronic sinus pain.

The Headache Halo (also known as Headache Hat) is a unique ice wrap for migraine headaches. The thick band can be adjusted to sit on pain points with the desired pressure, and the individual plastic coated cubes inside the wrap won’t get you wet when they melt – reuse it again and again. This patented design allows for multiple ways of wearing the Headache Hat, or just laying it right on top to numb the pain. The included ice cubes can be shifted for optimal comfort and to target those pressure spots.

PRICE: $39.99


Mattress Heating Pad

My husband bought me this several years ago and it remains one of my most unexpectedly favorite gifts. For patients with joint pain, arthritis, abdominal cramps—that kind of pain can spread body-wide. Sometimes you don’t know where to put the heat pack. Problem solved. Just crank this thing on high and enjoy full-body heat relief.

PRICE: $59.75

Magnetic Sleep Mask

I honestly always thought that magnetic pain relief devices were garbage science. Honestly, they still might be. But I’ve got two neurologists who have been pushing them on me for years.  I finally gave in and decided to try this sleep mask. It was a good price and I needed one anyways— magnets or not. Turns out it’s the best sleep mask I’ve ever had. Ever. And I’ve owned a lot of sleep masks. Like as many sleep masks as normal people have socks. Maybe it’s the magnets. Maybe it’s the weight of the magnets on my face. Maybe it’s the fact that the fabric is ultra thick but somehow still quite comfortable. Whatever it is: I recommend it. 

PRICE: $12.99 (like, for real, you wouldn’t try this for $12?)


Lavender-Scented Foam Mattress Topper

I originally bought this to put on our futon for when my sister came to visit. It was a great price and I was very relieved when it came in the mail and turned my cheap futon into a luxury mattress. It’s also infused with lavender and every time you lay down on it, it releases the scent. Since she left I can’t stop laying down and immediately falling asleep on it! Which would be fine, but it’s in my home-office!

PRICE: $62.99

A Mini Airconditioner

Bought this to keep me cool during the hurricanes. Now I use it every time I have to walk the dog or get a heat flash while shopping. It’s super light weight, very powerful, and quiet. It’s kept me from heat-fainting many times now and I recommend it to everyone!

PRICE: $8.40  

The Home-Office Essential: A Rolling Desk

I work from home, which is generally enough to help me get by when I’m having a terrible flare. But then there are the terrible, terrible flares. The ones where I can’t get out of bed or the bathroom and the home office has to come to me. Earlier this year I decided I needed a rolling desk for those bad days. This hilariously cheap one has been one of my best buys of 2017. It was easy to assemble, maneuver and is big enough to hold my laptop and notebooks with enough space leftover for a cup of tea.

PRICE: $19.87

The Best Book for Chronically Ill Patients

Okay. I’m a little biased because I wrote it—but this guidebook is the official guide for chronically ill patients. If you’re struggling with school, self-esteem, work, sex, dating, relationships, family or just trying to be independent when living with a life-limiting disease this book is for you! You can pre-order now on Amazon or buy it at stores in the US, UK or Canada on March 1st, 2018!

PRICE: $11.72

What’s going in your stocking this year?



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