5 Sleep Solutions for Insomnia from CVS

(Products mentioned in this post were provided by CVS for review.)

I’ve been struggling with insomnia over the past few months and have been posting about it on my Instagram. The folks over at CVS were kind enough to reach out with a care package of items for me to try and tackle the problems. I tested out the products they sent, hoping they would make a dent in the serious sleep deprivation going on in my life.

While many readers who visit my site are those with long-term, chronic illnesses that struggle with insomnia most often related to other diseases, at times we all experience restlessness. 

There are several reasons you might hit the pillow and then just continue to stare out into the dark for hours. Some of these reasons include:

  • You aren’t tired.
  • You’re stressed as hell and your brain is thinking about your 9AM meeting or whether or not the lump on your dog’s back is anything to worry about.
  • You have a medical condition— like narcolepsy, chronic pain, or thyroid issues.
  • You have screwed up your sleep schedule through poor timing or even something like jet-lag.
  • You’re distracted from sleep by light, sound, or other disturbances.

If you have a chronic disease which causes insomnia symptoms, the products listed below can’t cure—or fully treat your condition. You should see your doctor and figure out a course of treatment related to your core problem.

However, if you’re experiencing mild insomnia, want to see if you can reduce your sleep troubles or this is your first time experiencing insomnia—then this is the article for you!

If it’s getting late and you need to get a good night of sleep TONIGHT, you can purchase all of these products at your local 24-hour CVS store down the street. 

The Problem: You’re Stressed as Hell

The Product: CVS Lavender Epsom Salts

The Solution: When I call my sister, hysterical, snot-dripping down my face, sure I can’t bear another day of work or doctors—the first thing she asks is, “have you taken a bath yet?”

Originally, I used to think this was some lame generic advice. But now that I’m a regular bath-enthusiast, I see the benefits of a good soak. I’m a big fan of epsom salts, the magnesium in them is supposed to help with muscle and joint pain. Personally, it doesn’t really penetrate when I have deep pain, but I think it does help me unwind. I really liked these bath salts too because the scent was strong and eliminated the need for oils or bubble bath. Sometimes when I’ve already gotten ready for bed and then can’t sleep and need to take a bath—I don’t want to get bubbly or oily. I just want to get relaxed, dried, and back to sleep. These definitely did the trick for me!

The Problem: LIFE IS LOUD

The Product: CVS Superior Soft Ear Plugs

The Solution: My husband snores. My dog…well, he doesn’t snore but he makes this “hurrumph”ing sound all night. My neighbors (collectively) have about 48 screaming, crying children. I need to move. To Siberia. But for the moment, these earplugs tend to help on worse nights. Even though I prefer to use a sound soother to block out most of the noise—some nights I’m just too hyped and I can hear a pin drop. These are comfortable enough to keep in and great to keep in your hospital bag for emergency over-night stays.

The Problem: I Have No Chill, or My House Smells Like Salmon

The Product: Nature’s Truth Goodnight Essential Oils

The Solution: I was a fan of these simple essential oils. They smelled good without being overwhelming and I loved that they came with a travel roll-on stick. I keep it in my purse for when I want to catnap in waiting rooms. Or when I forget deodorant. 

The Problem: My Body is Potentially Out of Whack?

The Product: Live Better Immunity + Melatonin Chewables

The Solution: I regularly take melatonin to help regulate my sleep. I liked that these also offered immunity support. They come in a low dose so you can see how your body does with them and can take up to three tablets a night.

The Problem: Nothing Else Has Worked. I May Never Sleep Again.

The Solution: CVS Nighttime SleepMelts

The Solution: I called these my “nuclear option” because I did not want to take sleeping pills. But when push came to shove (mostly me, pushing and shoving people because of restless rage) I finally just said screw it and took these. And guess what? I slept! If you’re taking these regularly you should probably talk to your doctor, but if you’re just having a stressful, sleepless few nights these are so great to have on hand to just GET THE JOB DONE!



One thought on “5 Sleep Solutions for Insomnia from CVS

  1. Lol’d the ‘I need to move.. To Siberia’ part. It used to take me two different drugs taken on alternate days to sleep during the night on half the days in a month. And I wasn’t going to take it further than that because one was a low dose Seroquel and the other was a strong antihistamine. If I took only one, then it would work for about 4 days and then stop working.

    I had to get off gluten to be able to sleep. I still lie down and my heart pounds until I sit up… then i get tired, lie down and my heart pounds… until your website I hadn’t heard of dysautonomia. (Oh no, not another diagnosis!) Anyway, I’m not saying everyone’s problem is gluten, but I do think people need to dig and find their problem because it isn’t “stress” I’m just as stressed as I was before, only now I can sleep… in between glutened events. 🙂

    I agree about the baths too. Thanks for the insightful article!

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