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Are you on trend with what’s happening in the world of chronic illness? Oh good, me too.

You know what I love? Helping patients get what they need.

Who Am I?

I’m a patient, an advocate, a writer, and a speaker. has been my home to all of these things since 2012. My readers are specific to the rare and chronic illness community and come here for support, stories, advice and entertainment. I want to give them everything and more.

What Will I Promote?

As a patient with a difficult to manage disease I’m constantly bombarded with fake cures, expensive, ineffective treatments and products that PROMISE to fix all my problems. I’ve seen patients ripped off, manipulated, and tricked into buying expensive items that just won’t do the job. Snakeoil salesmen have no business getting into business with me—and my readers know it.

I work with companies to feature products and treatments that I personally test and feel that I can recommend as a fellow patient. I’m happy to accept pitches from companies that may have a product worth sharing with my readers. All pitches are evaluated for editorial consideration.

Sometimes I share products that I have found myself and don’t receive commission or was paid for the opinion piece, and even if I were paid my opinons expressed are entirely mine and I would never promote a product or service that didn’t feel relevant to my readership  or me (which of course would be disclosed to you upfront).

If you’d like to tell me about your company or practice and what you can offer to patients you can email me at

At this time I’m available to write sponsored posts which will include my review (after editorial consideration) as well as information and links on where the product can be purchased. You can also include a discount code for my readers to use. I appear on different patient panels, news segments, and write for different magazines, newspapers, and websites from time to time and may mention your product as a solution for certain problems if it fits the topic.

I’m available to write sponsored advice posts for other websites, to appear as a spokesperson for approved products, and to act as a patient community liaison. Feel free to contact me for more information on these opportunities.

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