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Bland Diets: A List of Foods You Wouldn’t Expect!

So after twenty or so years, I think I’ve not only brought the bland diet to a state of perfection—I’ve revolutionized it, I’ve inspired it, I’ve made it downright unstoppable. Those with Chronic Illness in the GI tract—whether that’s Crohns, Coilitus, Celiac, Motility Issues—whatever, you’ve probably at some point been told to go on the bland diet…

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Chronic Illness and Your Wardrobe

Let’s face the facts—as amazing as I look in a little black dress—there just isn’t the need for me to own twelve of them. And anyone who has ever met me knows that I am in no way, shape, or form fashionable. (Which is kind of hilarious seeing as a large part of my current…

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