Chronic Illness & Rare Disease Scholarship Announcement!

Do you know a high school student suffering from a rare or chronic illness who is making a positive impact in the health community?

Healthline, the fastest growing health-information resource to more than 80 million monthly visitors, and NORD (National Organization for Rare Diseases) recently announced The Healthline and NORD Stronger Scholarship.

They will be granting four $5,000 awards to students committed to helping those living with rare and/or chronic disease.

They are looking for four students dedicated to prevention, research, support, or care of rare and/or chronic disease.

Below is a brief description of the scholarship and important dates:

Healthline and NORD are teaming up to launch the 2018 Stronger Scholarship, a program that aims to empower college students making a positive impact on rare and/or chronic diseases. Four applicants will be granted a $5,000 scholarship each to pursue their efforts in helping individuals with these conditions—either through research, patient advocacy, raising awareness, or community building. Learn more about the scholarship and how to apply at Healthline.

  • Application period: March 1  – May 1, 2018
  • Funds distributed August 2018
  • Eligibility
    • Enrolled in an accredited U.S. program for Fall 2017
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA from most recent transcript
    • Demonstrate leadership and community involvement
    • Demonstrate a connection to rare and/or chronic disease



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