Q: Who are you and what are you doing here?IMG793-1

A: You can hear the whole story on my About Page.

Q: Are you trying to give people medical advice here?

A: No. I’m not a doctor or a nurse. I, in fact, have zero medical training. I do discuss my own treatment from time to time, but that should not be taken as a prescription.

Q: I’m obsessed with you and your beauty and your brilliance. Where else can I stalk you online?

A: Good question. Here’s my Facebook. My Twitter. My portfolio site. My PR site. And my LinkedIn Profile. You can also write to me via my Contact Page.

Q: I have a product I think you’d like. Will you review it?IMG_6331

A: Probably. Send me an email at IlanaWrites @ gmail.com with all the info.

Q: Your engaged, interactive and health-focused readers are totally my audience. Can I advertise with you?

A: Sure can. Send me an email at IlanaWrites @ gmail.com with a little info about you and your company/product/website.

Q: I’m a doctor/medical research/ pharmaceutical company — I’d like to discuss my treatment/product/medical advice with you. Would you be willing to chat?

A: Potentially. Send me an email at IlanaWrites @ gmail.com with some of the details.

Q: Happy is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! Is he a bichon mix?

A: NO. Happy is a POODLE. A pure-bred, miniature poodle. How dare you.

Q: Can we do a link exchange?

A: If we’ve got some similar content, sure I’d love to. Send me an email at IlanaWrites @ gmail.com.

Q: Where else have I seen your work?

A: I’m a freelance writer and I do a lot of magazine/online magazine work so you may have seen me on The Global Genes Project (where I’m their managing editor,)AOL, XOVain, Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, Snapshot_20130312_1Today’s Teen Online, Materniteens, etc.

Q: I’m a magazine editor/publishing industry professional. Would you be interested in writing for us?

A: On a scale from probably to most definitely I’m somewhere in-between absolutely and AreYouFuckingKidding?YES!



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