“Good Feeling”– How Do You Make Hospitals Seem Less Scary?


I absolutely LOVE this video my mom sent me of patients at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital doing a lip dub to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling.”  It shows a mom taking her son to the hospital and just having a really good attitude about it. I’m glad there are children’s hospitals out there like this!

Growing up I was in the hospital a LOT but since most emergencies sent us running to the local Boca Hospital instead of Miami Children’s (a good hour away.) It was really up to my mom to make the hospital a less scary place for me to be.

Even going as a visitor to a hospital can be a scary experience for a kid. I remember my mom had to have a surgery once when I was little and when I went to visit her in her room I was really anxious. She wasn’t gravely sick but seeing her hooked up to an IV and in a

Well. Now I’m forever scarred from taking Jello Shots.

hospital gown kind of threw me. But she found a really good way to distract me–she picked up her cup of jello, looked at me with a deadly serious expression and then squeezed the orange goo through her teeth.

It was disgusting. And hilarious.

And even though I’ll never eat Jello again, that little moment of humor lightened the doom and gloom of the situation for me big time–and that’s just the way my mom has always been.

She taught me that going into the hospital was something I had to do when I had to do it–so we might as well laugh through it.  So she tells jokes, and makes fun of me, and when the doctors walk in she’ll say something like, “So are we going to deliver this baby, or what?”

And when the pain or panic of it all is to overwhelming she calms me down and asks, “What’s right about this that you’re not getting?”

These days staying in the hospital is such a norm for me that there really is no emotional reaction. I’m just like, “It’s Tuesday and my heart/stomach/lungs are not working. Lets go.”

So–I’m interested, what’s your emergency room ritual? Do you sing in the car on the way there or crack jokes in the exam room? Does someone always go with you or have you ever been alone?




One thought on ““Good Feeling”– How Do You Make Hospitals Seem Less Scary?

  1. Lizz B.

    My very first time in the ER I was terrified (I was the patient, and I’d never been to a hospital for any reason before). I’d woken up with stomach pain and ended up blacking out for a second halfway between my door and hallway of the dorm… But it was 7am. Thankfully, one of my floormates was in class with me, so she found me relatively quickly (I was sweating profusely and panting and crying lightly because it hurt to cry harder). It had snowed over a foot the night before, so no one could drive me. So I had to go to the ER via ambulance. The ambulance guys were super nice and really friendly. Dan (my now husband, but he’d only been my bf for three months at that time) was able to get there after 7 hours. I was not happy, but him getting there helped a lot. I’d had an ovarian cyst rupture, btw, that’s why I went. Every time I’ve been to the ER since then, Dan has been with me the entire time. We make jokes and I always try my hardest to be incredibly nice to the nurses and doctors. I’m really good at being ridiculous, especially in terrible situations. Once I get pain meds, I just go a little bonkers and try really hard to make him laugh 😛 I know, I’m the sick one, but him laughing makes me feel a lot better.

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