Hang In There.

Do you miss me yet?

I missed you too.

Don’t be mad. I promise it’s for a good reason. Two-hundred plus good reasons.

I’m like at the edge, the verge, the very precipice of success. Of finishing the book. Of catching up on Kendra on Top.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.10.04 PMMy deadline is drawing closer and closer, and while I’m not ready to bust out the champagne just yet–I will say that the anxiety and hysteria of me running around my kitchen yelling “A BOOK? A BOOK? IN THREE MONTHS? WHY WOULD I AGREE TO WRITE A BOOK IN THREE MONTHS? WHAT AM I CRAZY? WHERE ARE THE CHEESE-ITS? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WRITE A BOOK WITHOUT ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED CHEESE SNACKS?”

In fact, I’ve been able to really focus on the important things as I begin to wrap up the first stage of this process–things like my sister being in town. And finding my first pair of fleece leggings. And then realizing I spent all my spoons on trying on fleece leggings–before realizing I had at least a half an hour to spend standing around Ulta while my sister found just the right shade of black (but not too black) (or blue) (or brown-black) hair dye.

A seat with a view

A seat with a view

So eventually I just gave up, sat down on the floor and prayed that they swept recently.

But outside a few brief excursions for cheap nylon and $3 tacos, I’ve been devoted to editing the manuscript and reading the incredibly moving and honest patient stories that have been submitted over the last few weeks.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me. I hope this book is worth the wait.

Otherwise I’m going to have to go ahead and get all Kanye on ya’ll.




11 thoughts on “Hang In There.

  1. Ice cream sure sounds good right about now.

  2. This was a feast for the eyes!

  3. Don’t go sniffing that too much!

  4. You can say that again!

  5. You sure know how to make a squirrel smile.

  6. Now that’s what I call music!

  7. Don’t forget the grilled onions!

  8. Way to go Edward. This blog is amazing!

  9. No one can ever say this site is boring!

  10. Would you like some popcorn?

  11. These two are some real messy eaters!

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