Happy Hydrating Contest: Win A Month’s Supply of Normalyte!

A few weeks ago I made a video talking about different high-sodium drinks for POTS patients. I wasn’t paid for any of the reviews and wasn’t thrilled with a lot of the options out there.

One of the good options was a drink called Normalyte. It’s a drink I actually enjoy and offers a pretty spectacular amount of sodium that is perfect for the POTS diet.

Well, turns out CEO of Normalyte, Sam Lee, saw that video and reached out to me!

Sam gave me some background on Normalyte and how they came to be. He was working as a full-time pharmacist when one night his kid got sick. One of those stomach-bugs that makes small children turn into the exorcist with hardcore vomiting and fluid loss. When it came to Pedialyte—his kid was not having it and he wasn’t thrilled with the other options out there for hydration. Together, he and his business partner, Manoj Bhanushali, RPH, worked out a formula for a rehydration solution powder that could be easily transported and mixed with water.


Soon after their product was created, the Ebola crisis hit South Africa. They immediately partnered with an organization to help bring Normalyte to suffering communities—and their determination to help others in need didn’t stop there.

When they came across the Dysautonomia community, they realized that this was exactly what we needed. They started to listen to patients and altered their product to fit POTS patients even more directly. Now they have an organic solution. Normalyte PURE is now available to patients.

10% of the proceeds from PURE will be donated directly to Dysautonomia International.

Since both Normalyte and Dysautonomia International have helped me so much, personally, over the last few years since my diagnosis—I wanted to do something to help bring awareness to this product and it’s mission to be a resource to patients with hydration challenges.

So the plan is basically to give away free drinks! In exchange for a chance to win a month’s supply of Normalyte, all I ask is that you share the status below to help educate your friends and family about Dysautonomia. You have the power to educate others. It really is as simple as posting a status!

Enter to Win card isolated on white


1. To enter please post the following (or, if you’d like to get more personal, feel free to share your story with the link) as your Facebook or Twitter status: 

“Learn. Donate. Share. Get informed about #POTS, a life-changing condition and how you can help by visiting www.dysautonomiainternational.org”

You don’t have to personally donate to be entered into the contest. This is a great way to educate your friends and family about this disease.

2. Head over to Normalytes Facebook and “like” their page.

3. Make sure to comment below letting us know you’ve posted the status and entered the contest.

4. A winner will be selected via a random number generator on April 20th and will be contacted through direct message.




The winner will receive a month’s supply of Normalyte as well as a LetsFeelBetter prize pack!

Good luck and happy hydrating!


Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid for this review. I’m not getting paid for this giveaway. I have no financial connection with either Dysautonomia International or Normalyte. The product for this giveaway was donated by Normalyte. Dysautonomia International didn’t ask me to promo their website. I’m doing it because it’s genuinely a good resource for patients and education is something worth promoting whenever you have the platform to do so. I’m a big proponent of patients sharing their stories and I hope these status entries will spark the conversation.

Kat Dennings is my spirit animal.

Kat Dennings is my spirit animal.