Happy New Years!


These were my ten resolutions from last year.

What a …design. Do I regress to age four when I get a hold of a glitter stick? Apparently.

Let’s see how I did!

  1. Move out – Did that!
  2. Eat less stupid – I think I did relatively well on this one this year. I’ve had much fewer instances of stupidity and have managed to cut out apple juice, bacon and some other tricky foods that hours later made me feel like a complete jackass.
  3. Meditate more – Could have done more.
  4. Make plans – I think I made a lot of plans I didn’t know I could keep up with.
  6. New clients—For the first 6 months of 2012 I juggled multiple accounts and was really proud, but dropped the ball after being diagnosed with the POTS.
  7.  Mitzvahs—I could do better.
  8. Look good—I did invest in a $150 haircut a few months ago, but it’s since grown out and I went into sticker shock at Sephora yesterday when I attempted to buy blush.
  9. Take pictures—Do webcam glamour shots count?
  10. Grandpa—Do Facebook messages count? Haven’t been able to get over there with my lack of driving lately.

All in all: I probably did better this year on my resolutions than I have before!

Here are my resolutions for 2013

  1. Go to Dallas, to the Pots Treatment Center and get cured of my disease.
  2. Make better choices about my spoons—meaning if I only have a few measures of energy left, use them for things like making a healthy meal—instead of doing laundry that can wait another day.
  3. Put more importance on romance. Date nights, getaways—I think it’s worth my energy to focus more on my relationship.
  4. Stop eating fried foods.
  5. Put money back in my savings.
  6. Find less expensive ways to get pretty (Cheaper make up, haircuts, clothes and shoes!)
  7. Update my blog every day.
  8. Pitch and be commissioned to write many more magazine articles!
  9. See my friends more often.
  10. Have hope.
I tried not to get too specific, but I think this really encompasses what I want to improve in my life over the next year.
New Years Day I felt AWESOME. Just high energy and very upbeat. We ended up going out to dinner with some of our friends, then having a few people back to the house to watch the ball drop and play R.J’s new Wii U.
And today, after going through crazy Sephora sticker shock and calling forty salons for prices–I finally found a worthy enough deal to get highlights and my hair cut. At long, long last.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post—a video post about what’s in my new and improved hospital kit!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Years!

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  2. Ice cream sure sounds good right about now.

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