IG LIVING: Using Your Time Wisely: Everything You COULD Do During Your Infusion

Here’s my latest article from IG Living. It’s a great magazine that you can pick up at your local immunologist’s office or infusion center! You can check them out online here. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.19.12 PMGetting your regular IVIG infusion can take hours, often with you stuck in a recliner, bored,with nothing to do. Even sub-q infusions at home can be a boring event. And all that waiting and staring at needles and tubing—well, it can get kind of depressing. Keep yourself occupied this week by following some of these simple Do’s and Don’ts to using your infusion time effectively.

DO: Catch up on your social media. Never a better time to scroll through your twitter feed (and maybe unfollow some lame accounts) than when you’re stuck in a chair for an hour (or six.) I like to use the search function to find other people with similar diseases, jobs, or even just users who live in my town. You can even live-tweet your infusion and spread a little awareness about PI. Make sure to hit up @IlanaJacqueline !)

DON’T: Try to take a Twitpic while actually inserting your sub-q needles. Not a great time to divide your attention.

DO: Catch up on work. You’re going to be here for a while anyways, might as well pump out that last term paper or finish up your paperwork. It actually works out great if you plan for this to be your dedicated working hour. As long as you’ve got your laptop in front of you, you can research, take notes, or sign in to any programs you might use on the job. Now is a great time to respond to all those emails, figure out that new program your company started working with and put yourself ahead of the game for upcoming projects.

DON’T: Try to catch up on your work if you work as a professional gymnast or rugby player! Pretty sure there’s no tackling or headstands allowed during this process.

DO: Spend time with your friends or family.  There’s nothing wrong with getting your IVIG on while watching a movie with your friends or playing an intense game of Bananagrams with your sister! A game of cards is easy to carry along to your infusion center and will help the time pass even more quickly.

DON’T: Start a game of Twister with your notoriously clumsy cousins.

DO: Binge watch a new show on Netflix.  Gilmore Girls? Jericho? Once Upon a Time? These are all great series, perfect for binge watching while stuck in your chair for a while! Check out your top recommendations or see what shows your friends are addicted to lately.

DON’T: Get so caught up in your show that you forget to check when your infusion is done!

DO:  Organize your life. Whether you use an old school paper agenda or a Google Calendar, now is the perfect time to fill in all the blanks—birthdays, holidays, and your Sub-Q or IVIG schedule. Set up your plans for the week. You’re getting gas in the tank—might as well start looking at the road map!

DON’T: Worry so much about missing your great aunt’s birthday—just don’t forget to give the dog his flea medication on the right date and come up with a covert code-word for scheduled naps!





One thought on “IG LIVING: Using Your Time Wisely: Everything You COULD Do During Your Infusion

  1. This is good advice that can be extended to most rare disease communities. We often find ourselves consumed with lengthy doctor visits, treatments and hospital stays. We DO need to use this time effectively. Great article Ilana.

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