PROJECT TIOLI “Take It Or Leave It” — Advice for All Occasions

For me, having an older sister means always having someone to turn to for advice. Even though she lives on the other side of the country, we talk every day and we always ask each other’s opinions on everything from our marriages to marketing to things we MUST buy on Amazon.

My sister, Sammy, is a Marketing Director for a start-up tech company in Seattle. She lives with her husband, Joey, and their labradoodle, Le Geux.  Recently she had a great idea and she ran with it.

Sammy started this new project and I am SO excited about it. It’s legit the greatest idea and is going to be so much fun to watch. The project is called “TIOLI” AKA “Take It Or Leave It.”

How does it work?

Submit your question to us in the form of a 1 minute audio recording. We take that question to several very different strangers and ask them to respond as if they’re speaking to someone they know and love. We film their responses and put them in a short video for you.

In addition to the video, we give the responders the option to be contacted by those of you asking the questions. If you get a response to your question that you loved or you want to spark a conversation with that person, you are welcome to.


To open your mind when you are seeking guidance outside of the predictability of your core support network.

Occasionally, the best advice you will ever receive comes from a stranger. Every once in a while, you get that nugget of wisdom that will change the way you approach your situation.

This is an opportunity for strangers to dish out their best advice, their toughest love, and that outlook you just couldn’t get on your own.

And once you hear that feedback—you can decide to either “take it or leave it”

Isn’t that brilliant? Check out the page for details on how you can submit your question. Applications are open NOW!

Project TIOLI