The Part Where I’m About to Be On National Television: Lifetime’s The Balancing Act


Did I mention I’m about to be on your TV this month? Yeah. February 28th (World Rare Disease Day) at 7:00am EST/PT on Lifetime Television. I’m going to be on a show called “The Balancing Act” which is Lifetime’s morning talk show. The segment is for their series, “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic”.

I’m on it as part of The Global Gene’s Project’s promotion for World Rare Disease Day and our Wear That You Care Campaign which you can find out more about here.

A huge thank you to everyone at The Balancing Act for making the filming so fun and glamorous. I got four shades tanner on set and had one of the camera man hold my bottled water while I did my thing. It was Très Chic and I love doing TV!

Did I also mention that my mom is one of the producers there? And she like created the Behind the Mystery series? And that she’s pretty much the most awesome person I know and I’m over the moon proud of her for working her ass off to learn about all of these diseases and their treatments and getting them out there for patients (and not just me!) who need it? Well, I am.

Can’t wait for the segment to air, don’t worry you’ll see the countdown on Facebook before it goes live on the 28th!



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