Update: Smile Through the Stuffiness & Your Last Chance to Enter the Blog Contest!

Maybe I’m in mourning.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.54.10 PM

That box of saline and tubing is just sitting by my front door. Where do I return this to?



Let’s take a breather and regroup here.

That’s what I did this weekend anyways. I had a bagel. A reflexology massage. I did some shopping and then a girl’s night at my favorite sushi place. R.J and I went on a double date with our neighbors to see that Planet of Return Of the Dawn of the Crusade of the Apes movie. I made a playlist of potential first dance songs for our wedding. I did this all with a throbbing sinus headache, 800mg of Ibuprofen, and a smile on my face–because the only thing better than eating sushi and getting your feet rubbed is doing it anywhere that’s not a hospital bed.


And then today I got up, put on my yoga pants and went in for my IV. My arms are healing but still pretty beat up but we were able to both get a line in and draw blood. My doctor is going to check my IgG levels and see if maybe another round of IVIG might help me knock out this sinus infection.



I wanted to thank everyone who wrote in kind comments and recommendations about my last post. I’m glad a lot of you could relate, but more glad to find out that this kind of reaction is not such a normal thing and that most patients have a much easier time with the semi-permenant IV’s. Maybe one day I’ll try again…but I’m in no rush right now.

But you know what you should be rushing to do? Enter my blog contest, duh! After all you only have a few more days to enter. Come on, you’ve all heard my story: now share yours!

Tell me your cringe-worthy sick story and win a $25 Amazon Gift Card–or some Global Genes swag!

Enter to win stuff!

Enter to win stuff!




12 thoughts on “Update: Smile Through the Stuffiness & Your Last Chance to Enter the Blog Contest!

  1. M

    I hear you on the sinus headache – I had one after my daughter was born and they treated everything else that was going on and just kept dismissing my headache…well, that turned out to be a fungal sinus infection that I picked up at the hospital. Not fun. When someone has a swollen face, listen to their concerns rather than increase their pain meds…doing otherwise is just rude.

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