We’re Engaged! (Picture Post!)

We’re engaged! Okay–you already knew that. But some 8 months later–we’re finally celebrating. To kick off our big engagement celebration we had a photo session with Jack Levy of JackLevyPhotography.com. Check out some of our pictures below.




(The middle one says: “This is your last chance to run!”)






We had our session in a pumpkin patch at 5:30 in the morning. The rest was in SugarSand Park in Boca Raton.

The next detail to work out was the dress for the engagement party–which, for the record, took me months and dozens of stores to find.

Loehman's infamous "open" dressing room.

Loehman’s infamous “open” dressing room.


And you know what happened in between finding the dress and the party.

  • R.J’s family came into town
  • I got totally stressed out over Thanksgiving and gave myself a migraine
  • My sister came into town
  • We all spent a week decorating my parents house
  • I lost ten pounds because I put myself into a GP flare from stress
  • And then I took a long nap and spent two hours doing my hair for our party!
You follow me on instagram already, right?

You follow me on instagram already, right?


Here are some cool facts about my engagement party:

  • We invited 140 people, which is hilarious because A) I don’t even know 140 people and B) I don’t know where we thought we were going to put them all.
  • 95 People RSVPD–which was kind of a shock! But we figured we’d be able to manage.
  • But then a cool 75 people showed up. A much more relaxing number that could all fit inside my parent’s house!
The house, before we started the great consumption of Nov 30th.

The house, before we started the great consumption of Nov 30th.



Alan had put together a video montage for us with pictures from our whole relationship–and videos of my childhood. Including a full two minute clip of me as a baby–squirming around naked with my butt in the air. This was my reaction to seeing that clip for the first time:

Party Face

Then the guests began to arrive…

And I'm a ghost...

And I’m a ghost…



after the toast with R.J, his mother and sister


There was plenty to eat and a coffee cart pushing out hot chocolates and lattes with lots of Kahlua. There was also a champagne toast by all of our parents–which definintely got me happy (not ugly Kardashian) crying.



There were also plenty of unexpected gifts–and this beautiful painting by Devorah–a family friend who has known me for..geez, most of my life now–and certainly my entire relationship with R.J. You can’t see it too clearly here but she put in pictures of Happy and us and a log cabin (and a Basenji) which are a bunch of things we want to see in our future.



My sister and I indulged in some of our favorites–rainbow cookies–which came in a cake-form covered with white fondant and red icing that said, “She Said Yes!”

In the end so many of our family and friends and coworkers showed up to help us celebrate. The night was a little overwhelming–just to see so many people I love so much in this one space. I wasn’t sure I would be able to really enjoy myself– just because prep for social events with chronic illness kind of weighs you down–and it definitely takes its toll physically (from migraines to wearing those high heels for too long) but the payoff is so worth it and this was a night I will never forget.

When all our friends left at around midnight I cuddled up on the couch with R.J

My sister says this was mid-yawn, but I think R.J was just making a face.

My sister says this was mid-yawn, but I think R.J was just making a face.


Alright. Next step: wedding planning!



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  3. This was a feast for the eyes!

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  5. Save up your money for a rainy day.

  6. You sure know how to make a squirrel smile.

  7. Now that’s what I call music!

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  9. Way to go Edward. This blog is amazing!

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  12. These two are some real messy eaters!

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