What CBD Product Should You Buy? 10 Companies Reviewed.


I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for just over a year now in the state of Florida. As much as prescription strength marijuana has been a helpful part of my treatment plan, general CBD products have also made a major impact on my day-to-day pain levels, sleep habits, and anxiety.

The CBD industry is an unregulated one and it’s hard to know if what you’re ordering is the real deal.  The strengths and methods of intake vary dramatically and I had to do a lot of testing and comparison to see what worked best for me.

I’ve put together a list of ten companies whose products I tried and here are my thoughts!


1. FRONTIER JACKSON – www.frontierjackson.com


What I Tried: CBD Starter Pack which includes their CBD Honey Sticks, CBD Gummy Drops, and Flavored CBD Tincture.

What It Helped With: This was one of the most potent brands of CBD I tried. Their CBD gummy drops put me to sleep within an hour of taking them. They definitely had me relaxed and helped ease some muscle tension. The honey sticks were a fun way of using CBD. I stirred them into tea and drank them before bed. The tincture was great for mixing with my prescription strength THC tinctures (Florida doesn’t allow flavors or scents to be added to marijuana yet, so these made them a lot easier to take!)

What It Costs: Their Starter Pack is just $29.99 which makes it one of the least expensive products I tried.

Where Can You Buy It? Click Here.

2. JOY ORGANICS – www.joyorganics.com

What I Tried: The CBD Face Mask, CBD Softgels with Melatonin for Sleep

What It Helped With: The CBD Softgels with Melatonin were very fast acting and put me into a deep sleep within a half an hour. They were my go-to CBD for post-operative care after my last laparoscopy. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to sleep and recover as quickly if I hadn’t been using these. The Face mask wasn’t really that helpful. I tried using it during a sinus headache but it didn’t make my face feel any better.

What It Costs: The CBD Softgels with Melatonin cost $99 for 30 pills. Definitely one of the more expensive brands, but if you’re looking for something strong and effective this is worth the money.

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.

3. JUST CBD STORE – www.justcbd.com

What I Tried: The Blueberry CBD Gummy Rings 750 MG Jar

What It Helped With: Nothing, really. Not sure why these turned out to be a dud. I just didn’t feel any improvement in sleep, pain, or general relaxation after using these. They tasted good though!

What It Costs: $50

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.

4. NOT POT – www.notpot.com

What I Tried: 90-Day Subscription of Not Pot

What It Helped With: I really liked these daily CBD supplements. They also have l-theanine in them which helps with relaxation. After taking them for two weeks I really started to notice a difference in my overall anxiety level. They also taste delicious and I always found myself eager to take them!

What It Costs: One bottle costs $39.99 (but they also have subscription plans)

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.

5. CURED NUTRITION – www.curednutrition.com

What I Tried: Organic Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Oil, CBD Spices

What It Helped With: The fast-acting tincture and CBD spices helped with overall joint and muscle pain and overall relaxation. The taste of the tincture isn’t great, but the effects were worth it! The spices (both sweet and savory) were super delicious and I enjoyed mixing them with oil and dipping challah in them. (This product may contact less than 0.3%thc)

What It Costs: 1000mg bottle costs $99

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.

6. SHEA BRAND – www.sheabrand.com

What I Tried: CBD Menstrual Roller, CBD Headache Roller

What It Helped With: Honestly, it wasn’t a help for pain or soreness, didn’t promote relaxation or help with sleep. These were more of a beautiful novelty get-well gift. The packaging was beautiful and they had a nice scent to them and felt nice as they were rolled on. The solutions were very thin though, and it didn’t feel like they were penetrating the skin which didn’t make much sense for a headache or menstrual pain.

What It Costs: $49-$55 per roller.

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.

7. W!NK – www.wink-wink.com

What I Tried: CBD Travel Kit, includes Face Mask, Oil Tincture, 25mg Softgel, Detox Sea Salt Scrub, CBD Body Salve

What It Helped With: I found some topical relief from the CBD Body Salve when I used it on bruises and around (NOT IN!) open wounds. I really enjoyed the face mask which was cool and refreshing. I didn’t feel much impact from the tincture, the softgel, or the salt scrub.

What It Costs: $75

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.

8. KUSH QUEEN – www.kushqueen.shop

What I Tried: The Complete Mini Collection of Bath Bombs

What It Helped With: These bath bombs were amazing for full-body relaxation. I’m usually a fan of Lush Bath Bombs but these were even more relaxing thanks to the CBD. I also liked that they were “clean” bath bombs that didn’t leave a ring around the tub. I would definitely buy more when I run out (Which will be soon!)

What It Costs: $12.99 Per Bath Bomb.

Where Can You Buy It? Click here.


9. LENCURA – www.lencura.com

What I Tried: CANNAVERA Topical Pain Relief Oil, Roll-On, CANNAVERA Topical Pain Crème, Airless Pump, CANNAVERA Liquid Pain Relief, Spray

What It Helped With: These products are literally labeled “opioid alternative” which is a hefty claim for those with chronic pain. They are definitely not a replacement for opioid medication, but they are strong and effective for some kinds of pain. I really enjoyed the roll-on for back pain, the creme for abdominal pain, and the spray for..well, whatever I couldn’t reach! While the price is high, the cream, oil, and spray all last a long time.

What It Costs: $70 Each.

Where Can You Buy It? Click Here.


10. HONEST MARIJUANA (HEMP THEORY) – www.honestmarijuana.com

What I Tried: Hemp Extract Supplement, Fast-Acting Pain Cream +Nano Hemp Extract 400mg

What It Helped With: Not much, unfortunately! These were much too heavy on the menthol and burned when I put them on. I’ll never know if the fast-acting pain cream had enough hemp extract to relieve pain–I had to wash it off because of the burning. The hemp extract also didn’t have any benefits for me.

What It Costs: $29 Each.

Where Can You Buy It? Click Here.

Have you tried any of these products? Comment below with your thoughts and any companies whose CBD products you enjoy!

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