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Chronic Illness & Dental Care: What You Should Know

Why should patients with chronic illness pay closer attention to their teeth? You are at an increased risk of dental problems. This is cautionary tale! When you have a chronic illness—it acutely impacts so many different areas of our bodies, our teeth most often come last in line for treatment. Conditions which cause chronic dehydration,…

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2017 Chronic Illness Gift Guide

Welcome to the Let’s Feel Better 2017 Chronic Illness Gift Guide Post! I’m Ilana. I have a chronic illness and an incurable Amazon addiction! All of these items are vetted by me after buying them to deal with my own disease. I wanted to keep all of the items affordable and something that I’d have…

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How Can I Keep Working with A Chronic Illness?

I sometimes describe my chronic illness as a three-year-old child on meth that only I can see. But as I’m sure many mothers would tell you (even of those whose toddlers are not addicted to meth) you do eventually become immune to constantly being distracted by something whose well-being you are entirely responsible for every…

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